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Welcome to the No One Is Illegal - Toronto is a grassroots migrant justice organization. We fight for the freedom to move, return and stay. If you are here us for the first time, visit the About section which will give you an overview of our work, and campaigns.

If you're an undocumented person needing support in your fight against deportations, or because you need to access services, please send us a quick email.

Visit the campaign website for End Immigration Detention Network to learn about our struggle against detentions:

On Canada's response to #MuslimBan #NoBan#NoWall

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Toronto, January 31, 2017 -- As Parliament debates a Federal response to President Trump's travel ban on all refugees as well as immigration from seven Muslim majority countries, migrant justice organization No One Is Illegal - Toronto, is calling for opening of the US-Canada border to refugees and migrant fleeing violence or facing deportation. Nearly 35,000 people have already signed a petition calling for an end to the Safe Third Country Agreement and that immediate steps be taken to allow special consideration of humanitarian and compassionate reasons for entry to Canada as enabled by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

#EndDetentions #surroundTIHC (Toronto Immigration Holding Centre)

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Dec/10/2016 - 2:30 pm
Dec/10/2016 - 5:30 pm

Saturday, December 10 - 4pm
TIHC (Toronto Immigration Holding Centre), 385 Rexdale Blvd
Buses leave Kipling Subway Station at 3:15pm
RSVP for the bus below!

Racisms abound. Our families are displaced globally. They are denied status here in Canada.
Our Black and Brown families are locked up without charges or trial. Indefinitely. In max-security Ontario prisons.
15 detainees have died since 2000, 3 of them in the last 6 months.
The Toronto Immigration Holding Centre is being expanded, as are jails across the country.
On December 10th (International Human Rights Day), join us and join hands around this prison.
Against Detentions. Against Prisons. Not just for rights but for Freedom. For Freedom to Move, Return, Stay.
For our families. With Love.
#surroundTIHC #EndDetentions

Coordinated by No One Is Illegal - Toronto as a member of the End Immigration Detention Network

BREAKING: 17 Immigration Detainees Refusing Food at Ontario Maximum Security Prison

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Two months from the date that Minister Goodale promised changes to the immigration detention system, 17 immigrants, jailed without charges and trial at the Central East Correctional Centre have begun to refuse food as of October 17. The immigration detainees are calling for an end to indefinite detention, with a 90 day limit on detentions, as an initial step to ending detentions.

One of the men on strike is Kashif Ali, who has been in immigration detention for a total of 12 years. He says, “I swear every night I sleep three or four hours, I don’t know if I will be released or put on a plane. They are making me go crazy, I can’t sleep, I am depressed, I have stomach problems. People like me, I am not fighting them, but we can’t be deported, we should be released, given ID and papers and the support to work. This is why I am going hungry.”

A Wall Is Just A Wall: Fighting Immigration Detention Under Trudeau Liberals

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Nov/09/2016 - 6:00 pm

Teach-In. Nov 9, 2016
6pm - dinner and music
7 - 9PM - Speakers
Friends House, 60 Lowther Street, Toronto
Children Welcome! | Wheelchair accessible*
RSVP on Facebook:

Peggy Shaughnessy | Desmond Cole | Former immigration detainees | Loly Rico | Dr Michaela Beder | Victor Vinnetou | Gerri Saddoway
More to be announced

Join immigration detainees and community leaders to discuss prison abolition, immigration detention, racism, and organizing to win under the Trudeau Liberals.

We remember, We resist - No More Deaths! No More Detentions!

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Apr/22/2016 - 1:30 pm

April 22, 2016
Federal Liberal HQ (10 St Mary Street - Yonge & Charles)

Join us on Friday, April 22 at 1:30pm at 10 St Mary Street (Yonge & Charles) for a demonstration of rage, music, art, grief, and remembrance, and with a message loud and clear to the Liberal Government. Immigration detention is indefinite, unjust, and deadly.  It must end.

April 22 will mark exactly one month since the family of Francisco Javier Romero Astorga, a Chilean man who died in immigration detention, issued an open letter asking for help in finding out how Francisco died. They are still waiting for answers. Read their open letter here.

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