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Sample Letter: EMAIL GTEC


Reg Williams, Director Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre

I urge you to release Daniel Garcia, who has been held at Rexdale Immigration Holding Centre since Thursday December 23, 2010, and to stay his deportation. Daniel has immense community support and we are confident that the Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will consider the facts and grant Daniel status.

Daniel's problems in Mexico that led to his arrival in Canada began in 2004, when a group of teenagers assaulted him, hurling homophobic remarks. In 2006, shots were fired into a room he, his sister, and her partner were staying at. His sister's partner was shot in the neck and died en route to the hospital. Despite moving to other areas in Mexico, violence followed and the police were ineffectual.

They decided to come to Canada after a van chased the two in their car, with shots fired. The Garcia siblings filed a refugee claim in 2007 seeking protection from the threats to their lives in Mexico.

The siblings had their refugee claim denied and Daniel filed a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) application to stay his deportation. He filled the application himself at the age of 18, with incorrect advice, as his previous lawyer had passed away.

I believe that Daniel Garcia belongs in Parkdale and that this deportation must be stopped.


1. The deportation would represent a significant loss to the community. He has contributed a great deal to the community through volunteering at St. Casimir's Church and at Parkdale Collegiate Institute. Throughout his stay in Canada, he has built strong relationships with many students, teachers, and community members and is recognized as an active participant in the broader community.

2. The deportation would also represent a significant personal blow to Daniel. Daniel holds strong ambitions to further himself and his community, aspiring to continue his education at the post-secondary level. He has achieved high academic standing and is eight credits short of graduation. Deportation will also result in the loss of four credits he is currently enrolled in and scheduled to acquire by early February.

3. Based on the above two factors, Daniel intends to file a strong application for a Temporary Resident Permit, and I am hopeful that this will be granted.

I strongly urge you to make the right decision and release Daniel Garcia to his community and friends.