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SIGN THE PLEDGE - We have proof that Toronto Police are doing immigration’s dirty work. You can help stop them.

A 16 year old woman is sexually assaulted. When she goes to the Toronto Police, they arrest her and schedule her deportation for the same day as she is to testify against her assailant. An 18 year old Mexican boy is walking down the street in Parkdale, the police card him, and call immigration enforcement because he has an accent. He is unaware that he’s lost his immigration status, so they arrest him and hand him over to be deported before he can get adequate legal defence. A mid-twenties Caribbean father sees a shooting in Jane Finch. He goes to make a statement with the Police, and they decide to just call immigration enforcement. When they find out he doesn’t have immigration status, they arrest him and he’s in jail for two and half months.

These are just three of our friends who have been racially profiled by the Toronto Police Service who choose to do federal immigration enforcement’s dirty work.

Right now, you have the power to stop that.

Sign this pledge and join the fight against Toronto Police collusion with Federal immigration enforcement.

Sign this pledge.
In February 2013, together we forced Toronto to become Canada’s first Sanctuary City. We are now working together to ensure that Toronto Police actually follow it. Let’s do this. Toronto Police Service Collaboration With Federal Immigration Enforcement Today, we released a brand new report, Often Asking, Always Telling in which we used newly obtained government data to show Toronto Police racially profiles undocumented Torontonians (read the full report here on November 25th). We found:
  1. Toronto Police reported approximately 100 people a week to Immigration Enforcement between November 4th 2014 and June 28th 2015, (3,278 people in total or nearly 14 people every day). With its 3,278 calls, the TPS made more calls than the police services of Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver combined (2,729).
  2. Between November 4th 2014 and October 16th 2015, the CBSA Immigration Warrant Response Centre only received 178 warrant enquiries and 100 database verification from the Toronto Police Service, but almost 3,275 status check inquiries. This means that only 7.1% of all those referred to CBSA even had immigration warrants out.
  3. 83.4% people that were reported in the same roughly one year period were because Police Officers were “suspicious” that the person may not have immigration status. This suggests that TPS racially profiled individuals on the basis of their skin colour and accent.
  4. The Toronto Police Service says that it has no formal agreement with federal immigration enforcement so these 100 reports a week are the Toronto Police Service going out of their way to do immigration enforcement’s dirty work.
  5. The Toronto Police Service reports even victims and witnesses of crimes (such as domestic abuse survivor Lilliana Fontes) - contrary to its own partial Don’t Ask for immigration status policy.
  6. The Toronto Police Service reports immigration status of undocumented Torontonians every time, even though the Ontario Police Act gives Police the discretion to choose whether to report or not.
  7. Toronto Police is in violation of Toronto’s Sanctuary City Policy.  In February 2013, the City of Toronto passed a Sanctuary City police under which all city funded agencies (which includes the Toronto Police Service) must not ask for immigration status of undocumented Torontonians, and if found, must not report it to Federal immigration enforcement.
  8. The Toronto Police Service have the arbitrary power to determine when they are “satisfied” they have established a person’s identity.
  9. When undocumented Torontonians are reported to CBSA, they may end up being indefinitely detained without charges or trial, or deported to their deaths.
What we want: We call on Toronto City Council and the Toronto Police Services Board to:
  1. End race and class based profiling by the Toronto Police Service.
  2. Stop the reporting of undocumented Torontonians to federal immigration enforcement. Pass a formal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy to this effect.
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