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The latest on racial profiling and anti-immigrant raids in Keele-Finch on August 14th

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If you haven't yet, please sign and share this petition: It has a lot of useful information contextualizing what happened.

Know Your Rights guides and video that provide basic information to people without immigration status are available in English, French and Spanish:

WHAT IS A SANCTUARY PROVINCE: We are calling on Ontario to make all Ontario services and protections fully accessible to Ontarians without full immigration status. This means, no requests for immigration identification for social entitlements and protections, and no sharing of immigration status information with federal authorities. Absolutely no coordination or resources sharing between any Ontario agency and Federal immigration authorities.

Here is a chronology of events:

August 14th: Canada Border Services Agency, with the support of Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario Ministry of Transportation pulled over vehicles of people of colour and forced them to hand over their IDs. As this is an area where a large number of undocumented day-labourers get picked up to go to work, this was a targeted fishing expedition. Racialized men that were found to not have full immigration status where detained and taken to the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre.

August 14th: No One Is Illegal - Toronto issued a community alert about these sweeps over email and social media and we put up posters across the targeted areas with the help of Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty.

August 15th: We received word of upwards of 65 different people arrested in different parts of Toronto. We issued a press release detailing this. Later in the day, CBSA confirmed 21 people had been detained in "vehicle roadside safety" checks. Over the course of the day we spoke to three different families that had been impacted by the raids and set up interviews between them and media outfits.

August 17th: Member of No One Is Illegal - Toronto visited the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre and took statements from the different men detained and got direction from them on what a public campaign should be.

August 18th: Migrant justice activists organized a protest outside the offices of Ontario Ministries of Correctional Services and Community Safety and Ministry of Transportation demanding that Ontario stop colluding with federal immigration enforcement and declare itself a sanctuary province (reportback and pics here). On the morning of August 18th, allied lawyers with our Immigration Legal Committee represented three men at their detention reviews. Both detention reviews were denied and their deportation was set for the following morning, August 19th. We published a statement about this unusually swift process.

August 19th: Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty is organizing a community-outreach event with No One Is Illegal - Toronto in the Jane Finch area where the raids were carried out. Most of the detained men are deported.

August 21st: Media reports continue. The Ontario Federation of Labour issues a statement calling on Ontario to investigate the actions of OPP and Ministry of Transportation, and for Ontario to provide services without fear to undocumented migrants

August 27th: Ontario NDP calls on Kathleen Wynne to respond to the raids.

August 29th: Under increasing pressure, Ontario Ministry of Transportation agrees to review its collusion with immigration enforcement.

September 4th: We now have confirmation that all the migrants arrested on August 14th have been removed from the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre. Many are deported and some are released. We do not know if any have been moved to provincial prisons.

September 8th: No One Is Illegal - Toronto releases a statement saying 'The pressure is working. Let's keep pushing'.

September 22nd: No One Is Illegal - Toronto files a complaint at the Ontario Ombudsman's office calling for an investigation of the August 14th incidents as well as the involvement of other Ontario agencies in federal immigration enforcement work.

September 23rd: Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca announces that his Ministry is cutting ties with Border agency until a review is completed.

September 30th: On September 30th, 2014, we were outraged to learn that Ontario Transportation Ministry broke its promise, racially profiling migrants and colluding with immigration enforcement while the review was under way.

October 10: After completing an internal review, the Ontario Transport Ministry announced that it was permanently cutting ties with immigration enforcement. No accountability steps, however, have been outlined and considering that the moratorium was broken the week prior, its unclear what cutting ties mean. Nonetheless this is an important victory, and we continue to urge all Ontario agencies to follow suit and cut ties.

November 19: No One Is Illegal Toronto writes a letter to Minister Del Duca raising concerns about effective implementation of his decision of October 10th.

Further updates to follow.


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