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Freedom to Move, Return, Stay

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Freedom to Move: Too many of us move because we are unable to stay stay. We aspire for a world where people move freely and are not pushed out of their homes. We want to move without fear of being targeted as queer and trans, as women, as people with disabilities, as racialized people, as political dissidents, and as Indigenous people.

Freedom to Return: Places we called home were lost to us due to military/corporate occupations, imperialism, and climate collapse. We aspire for a world without these forces so that those of us that wish to return can do so without fear.

Freedom to Stay: Some of us toil in temp jobs, often living in fear without full status. We are targeted by the police and the capitalist state. Some of us prosper by the theft of Indigenous lands. We aspire for a world where Indigenous nations live freely and migrants live in solidarity, decolonizing ourselves and our communities. We desire the freedom for all of us to stay with justice and without indignity.