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Vision, Demands, Organizing Pillars

Our Vision

No One Is Illegal is a migrant justice movement rooted in anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, ecological justice, Indigenous self-determination, anti-occupation, and & anti-oppressive politics. We are part of a worldwide movement of resistance that strives and struggles for the freedom to stay, the freedom to move, and the freedom to return. We undertake public awareness about the exploitation inherent in the immigration system and border controls, as well as inter-related systems of exploitation capitalism and race, gender, sexuality, and ability based oppression. We mobilize tangible support for refugees, undocumented migrants, and (im)migrant workers and while also prioritizing solidarity with Indigenous land defenders. We struggle alongside allied anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, and anti-imperialist movements, and fight back through rallies and direct actions to affirm dignity and respect for our communities.

No One Is Illegal – Toronto (NOII – TO) strives to build a strong community organization of racialized migrants and allies that struggle for dignity and the freedom to move, return and stay of movement for all people everywhere. We are fighting to create critical change for undocumented people in the country, while organizing against the forces of displacement.

Crucial to our vision is our commitment to promote the leadership of women and trans people of colour in our organization, and of individuals that have directly been directly impacted by unjust immigration policies.

Our organizing pillars

We organize around three pillars: Status for All, Access Without Fear, and support work for Indigenous sovereignty struggles. We are part of the fight for freedom to move, return & stay.

(1) Status for All: This work includes many facets: stopping deportations and ending detentions; stopping unjust immigration policies; ending exploitative and temporary migrant work; fighting back against the environmental, economic and military forces that force people to move out of their homes in the first place; and creating a culture of resistance and building community power towards a global movement for justice, of which migrant justice is a part.

(2) Access Without Fear: This is our campaign to push Immigration Enforcement out of our city and our province so that people can access the safety, services and supports they need to live with dignity, and without fear of detention, deportation or harassment.

(3) Indigenous Sovereignty: For us, defending Indigenous sovereignty happens in two ways. Responding to calls for solidarity as they emerge, and building an informed base of support for Indigenous sovereignty, particularly in migrant communities.

Points of Unity Demands

• An end to all deportations and detentions
• The implementation of a full and inclusive regularization program for all non-status people
• Access without fear to essential services for all undocumented people
• The recognition of indigenous sovereignty
• An end to the exploitation of temporary workers
• An end to all imperialist wars and occupations
• An end to the use of Security Certificates and secret trials