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Education Not Deportation

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Everyone should have access to education, without living in fear of deportation.

Education Not Deportation (END) is a campaign and a coalition of committed people raising awareness, engaging and organizing around issues of migrant justice with schools and educators. We are students, teachers, union members and community members who have joined the movement to ensure that all students regardless of immigration status are able to access education.

END is striving for elementary and secondary schools to be safe and accessible places for all, as outlined in Section 49.1 of the Ontario Education Act (link). END works to ensure that all people have equal access and opportunity to attend colleges, Universities, ESL classes and language schools without fear of immigration authorities and deportation.

Toronto has nearly 200,000 people living and working without status. But not studying. Education is a Right for Everyone - with or without Documents!

END organizers were at schools when students and teachers organized to stop student deportations and we were at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) when students, teachers and community allies successfully pushed for access without fear policies to be adopted in 2007. We now work to get Access Without Fear policies meaningfully implemented and adopted in every local school board and at post-secondary institutions.

The TDSB victory taught us that if we mobilize, we can win. Become part of this struggle to ensure that all people have access to education and places of learning and knowledge.


LEARN MORE. The Immigration System excludes migrants from gaining permanent status leaving many unable to pay high-fees or get admitted in to schools at all. Visit to read more on these issues.

JOIN the Education Not Deportation campaign! If you are a student in high-school looking for volunteer hours or are a University student interested in social and migrant justice, email to learn how you can get involved or start your own campaign.

INVITE us to do student workshops. We offer participatory workshops for classes and student conferences. Our workshops draw on the stories of people we work with, participatory activities and multi-media to engage students in exercising critical thinking skills about questions of social justice and world issues and can fit in most University and High School Curriculum. We do 3-5 presentations a month and are able to do more.

INVITE us to do Teacher and Staff Workshop Presentations. We have been offering Professional Development trainings for teachers and staff for the last five years and are tailored to the particular needs of workshop organizers. We work with teachers and school staff to ensure that the DADT policy is being implemented that is context-specific.

Education Not Deportation, email: end@riseup
No One Is Illegal, email:


May/15/2014 - 7:00 pm

No One Is Illegal Toronto Presents

60 Lowther Avenue (Friends House) | May 15 | 7pm

Join us:

On May 15, NOII-TO hosts a night at the movies. Join us for an evening of building resistance to immigration enforcement as we launch our latest film Migrants: Know Your Rights, a compilation of strategies that migrants can use to defend themselves against detention and deportations. With contributions from many local activist organizers and based on legal materials produced by the Immigration Legal Committee of NOII-TO and the Law Union of Ontario, this 25 minute film is grassroots filmmaking in action.

Featuring an introduction by award winning documentary film director and producer, Min Sook Lee (El Contrato, Borderless, Hogtown), and a moderated discussion with community organizers on the front-lines of the struggle for migrant justice, the event will be a space for our communities to gather, learn, and discuss strategies to take the fight to push immigration enforcement out of our lives to the next level.

Migrants: Know Your Rights materials have been developed by contributions from many organizers over a three year participatory process, designed to link our campaigns for access to services, and an end to detentions and deportations. The film presents a compilation of strategies that migrants can use to defend themselves against detentions.

Catholic School Board Trustee's Resignation Demanded

No One Is Illegal - Toronto

Media Release
June 22, 2011


Toronto -- Immigrant and refugee rights advocates from No One Is Illegal - Toronto and other organizations are demanding disciplinary action against Trustee Frank D'Amico at a special meeting of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) at 80 Sheppard Avenue East on Thursday evening (June 23) at 7pm for hateful, anti-immigrant emails sent to a concerned social work student earlier this month.

The correspondence began when the placement student Nadia Saad wrote to trustees, alarmed that schools were violating TCDSB policy and the Ontario Education Act by denying admission to an undocumented student she was working with. "I contacted several trustees to bring this issue to their attention. Trustee D'Amico's response was vile. It left me shaking," she said.

Sanctuary School Forum

May/07/2011 - 10:00 am

Sanctuary Schools Forum

Saturday May 7th (10am – 1pm)
OISE, Room 2-211
252 Bloor St. West

Organized by Educators for Peace & Justice and No One Is Illegal

Our schools, and especially our students and their parents, are increasingly under attack.

Teachers have a unique and special responsibility to ensure that our schools can be places of sanctuary where we can all create the socially just and equitable communities we expect and deserve.

In order for teachers to be effective agents for social change and justice, we must work in direct coalition with our students, their parents, and all other groups who are working to address the issues which affect the daily lives of our communities.

Often teachers find ourselves working in isolation from our colleagues, from the communities we work in, and from the lives of our students and their families.

Daniel Garcia Deported. We Continue.

At 8:30am this morning, Daniel Garcia unwillingly boarded a plane to Mexico City. The new year begins with a hole in the Parkdale community and in our hearts.

With over 1600 petitions signed, Christmas Day meetings of 50 people, New Year's Eve rallies of 150 people, some believed that perhaps the Tories would listen to the 'public' that they always invoke. With politicians, church groups, teachers unions, the Toronto District School Board, and especially Daniel's teachers and fellow students all condemning the deportation and calling for his release and with headlines in every newspaper and TV station across the country telling his 'special' story, some thought that perhaps Jason Kenney would intervene and grant Daniel Garcia a temporary resident permit. He didn't.

Yet again, the Conservative government of the day (like all governments) has shown that it is committed to a single project - one of exclusion, exploitation and ongoing violence.

Stop Daniel Garcia's Deportation!

On Thursday, Dec 23, Daniel Garcia, an 18-year old old highschool student who has been living, going to school, working, and organizing alongside No One Is Illegal-Toronto in Parkdale, was racially profiled, 'randomly' IDd and handed over to Immigration Enforcement by Toronto Police. He is presently at the Rexdale Immigration Holding Centre awaiting deportation. His sister, Brenda Garcia, was deported early Monday morning.

Daniel and his sister filed for a refugee claim in Canada in 2007 after they were assaulted in Mexico for her sexual orientation, and her partner was murdered. As is common practice in Canada for people from Mexico, his as well as his sister's refugee claims were arbitrarily denied. At 18, without a lawyer, and based on incorrect advice, he filed a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) application to stay his deportation on the grounds that his life would be threatened in Mexico.

Unknown to him, at the time of his being detained on Dec 23., Daniel's PRRA had been rejected.

A 'Friends of Daniel Garcia' committee has been established, that has organized a public meeting, a rally and mass flyering in the last few days and is presently calling for:

(1) Daniel Garcia's release from detention and a stay on his deportation.
(2) That Daniel be granted a Temporary Resident Permit
(3) That Daniel be granted Permanent Residence in Canada on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds

At the same time, communities across the city are demanding:

(4) An end to racial profiling and cooperation with Immigration Enforcement by Toronto Police!
(5) Status for All!

PLEASE ACT NOW! Sign the Petition, Call the Minister, Write an Email calling for Daniel's deportation to be stopped!

We need to act together to stop the violence of exclusionary immigration, violent detentions and deportations that impacts migrant communities every day.

(2) CALL JASON KENNEY at 613-992-2235 and demand Status for Daniel
(3) EMAIL the Ministers of Immigration and Immigration Enforcement:
(4) COMMENT on media coverage in support of Daniel:

For more information, extensive media coverage, and backgrounder, visit
or email

Join the Status for Daniel facebook page:

Sample Letter:

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