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Thursday November 26, 2009
Start: 6:30 pm

Presented by "Health for All"

Thursday November 26th
55 Gould Street, Student Campus Centre, Room 115
Ryerson University

An Evening Panel & Discussion Featuring:

Paul Caulford, MD, Scarborough Urban Health Outreach Centre (Clinic for the Uninsured)
- will discuss the reasons for and workings of the SUHOC, a health clinic that serves a large population of undocumented/uninsured persons

Bob Gardner, PhD, The Wellesley Institute
- will speak about the health care system and structural issues of equity

Nell T.
- will speak about her first-hand experience of attempting to access care as a person with precarious status

MacDonald Scott, LLCL
- will speak, as Nell's legal representation, from a legal perspective, outlining her unprecedented case in attempting to access Interim Federal Health, without status.

Health is a fundamental human right. One that is being denied to hundreds of thousands of people living in Toronto.

Wednesday December 02, 2009
Start: 11:00 am

ALL OUT for a National Day of Action
December 2, 2009
Justice for Migrant Workers!

In Toronto:
Meet at 11am
Corner of King St. and University Ave.

* Make it loud and clear to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney that we won't let immigrants be turned into a disposable workforce with no rights!

* Demand justice for migrant workers!

Regulations introduced on October 9, 2009 essentially deny the right of full status to temporary migrant workers by restricting them to working four years in Canada and barring them from returning to the country for six years. (More:

The regulations come in to force on December 9, 2009. Unless we can stop them!

Thursday December 17, 2009
Start: 11:00 pm

On Dec 17, Justice for Migrant Workers (J4MW) will be going to Ottawa to intervene at the Supreme Court, where arguments relating to the plight of Canada's migrant workers will be heard for the first time in Canada's legal history.

In Toronto, join us for a vigil to greet them on their return, as well as to usher in and commemorate the International Day for Migrants.

Time: Thurs. Dec. 17, 11pm
Location: Chinese Railroad Workers Memorial (Between Skydome (Rogers Centre) and Spadina Ave., south of Front St., beside the rail yards)


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