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Saturday July 24, 2010
Start: 3:00 pm

24 July 2010
National Day of Action: THE PEOPLE vs. JASON KENNEY (and everything he stands for)

  • All Day: follow @noii_to (on twitter)
  • @3pm, Football Showdown @ Dufferin Grove Park

JK (aka Jason Kenney) is the Immigration Minister
JK wants to be the new Harper
JK cut the refugee program
JK makes lives miserable for Immigrants
JK cuts funds for women’s groups and people opposing Israeli Apartheid
JK wants more temp workers with few rights
JK wants more corporate profit and few people’s freedoms

JK needs a kickin’

On July 24, a National Day of Action against JK, his anti-people policies and everything else he stands for has been declared.

On July 24, creative actions will take place across Toronto opposing JK and his agenda.

Follow us @noii_to (Twitter!) to find actions all day on July 24 as they happen - #kickjasonjenney

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