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Wednesday November 10, 2010
Start: 6:30 pm
End: 9:30 pm


Walls From Palestine to Turtle Island. From Physical to Invisible.

November 10th: 6:30pm
York University, GSA Conference Room, Student Centre Rm. 430

Join Students Against Israeli Apartheid and No One Is Illegal as we mark the week of solidarity with the Palestinian people against the illegal Apartheid Wall. This event will feature a panel discussion that traces the network of walls that have been built as barricades to dispossess, divide and isolate people here and around the world. From Occupied Palestine to Occupied Turtle Island, these walls permeate everyday life. These may be walls that create open air prisons in Gaza, Bantustans in the West Bank, border walls strewn with barbed wire that bleed migrants or walls that are erected as barriers to our own dignity and humanity. Walls so grotesquely visible and walls that are so conspicuously invisible – walls that crisscross the streets we walk on, this city we live in.

Wednesday December 01, 2010
Start: 12:00 pm

Sponsored by No One Is Illegal-Toronto and the Ontario Coalition Against PovertySponsored by No One Is Illegal-Toronto and the Ontario Coalition Against PovertyMayor Ford: Respect People!

On December 1, Rob Ford becomes Mayor of Toronto. In his campaign speeches and his public statements, Ford has called for cuts to fair wages, a dismantling of the already inaccessible public transit system, supported Toronto's police brutality during the G20, and repeatedly expressed racist anti-immigrant sentiments and outright hatred for poor people.

While claiming to speak on behalf of the 'majority', Ford actually believes in a Toronto for the few. He believes in a Toronto divided into suburbs and the downtown. A Toronto divided into streetcar riders, bikers and drivers. A Toronto divided into immigrants, refugees and citizens. A Toronto where the homeless are driven out of sight as social housing is sold off to developers. A Toronto where police budgets grow and cops act with impunity. A Toronto that is open for business, but closed for the public.

This is not our Toronto. Our Toronto is about justice, dignity, and respect for immigrants, precarious workers, poor people and unions.

On December 1, at 12noon, a public, family friendly demonstration is being called outside City Hall as Rob Ford becomes Mayor to remind him what the people of this city need, expect and demand.

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