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Saturday May 07, 2011
Start: 10:00 am

Sanctuary Schools Forum

Saturday May 7th (10am – 1pm)
OISE, Room 2-211
252 Bloor St. West

Organized by Educators for Peace & Justice and No One Is Illegal

Our schools, and especially our students and their parents, are increasingly under attack.

Teachers have a unique and special responsibility to ensure that our schools can be places of sanctuary where we can all create the socially just and equitable communities we expect and deserve.

In order for teachers to be effective agents for social change and justice, we must work in direct coalition with our students, their parents, and all other groups who are working to address the issues which affect the daily lives of our communities.

Often teachers find ourselves working in isolation from our colleagues, from the communities we work in, and from the lives of our students and their families.

Sunday June 05, 2011
Start: 2:00 pm
End: 5:00 pm

Sunday, June 5, 2011
2pm - 5pm
Allan Gardens, Carlton & Sherbourne
(look for the blue fabric "waves of support")

After two intense weeks of rallies, meetings, street parties, press conferences, video testimonials, calls, emails and petitions - Alvaro is free from detention!

This is a victory for Toronto's queer and arts community, for migrant justice, and for global solidarity. It's a victory against the conservative immigration agenda that is anti-queer and anti-migrant. It's a victory against the silencing of our voices in the mainstream media. It's a victory for those of us that believe that grassroots organizing, collective power and resilience can actually win change.

It's a victory and it's time for a celebration! Come join Alvaro Orozco and his friends and supporters at Allan Gardens at 2pm.

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