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« Thursday December 07, 2017 »
Saturday, June 24, 4:00 - 6:00 PM, Friends House (60 Lowther Street)
Refreshments will be provided!
This venue is accessible.
As part of the Canada 150 "celebrations," many narratives celebrate the history of immigration as part of Canada's history. Canada's boosters will revise violent settler history as one of multiculturalism and tolerance, erasing Canadian genocide, slavery, and racialized hyper-exploitation in the process. We aim to shine a light on the living legacies of that history, and look at ways we can connect struggles against Canada's continuing colonial and imperial project.
As a migrant justice organization also dedicated to indigenous sovereignty and solidarity, we bring three speakers to discuss the tensions, contradictions and possibilties for solidarity when it comes to indigenous sovereignty and migrant justice.
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