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Get involved

There are many ways to get involved.

(1) Join our email list-serv to hear about events you can participate in:

(2) Join us on facebook and twitter to get breaking updates.
When 'liking' on facebook, please make sure to click 'get notifications' so that our updates don't get shut out by facebook.

(3) Become a Member:

No One Is Illegal-Toronto prioritizes membership of women and trans people of colour in the organization and those that have direct experience of exclusionary immigration policies. If you are such a person, agree with our basis of unity and demands and are interested in joining the organization and want to participate in our campaigns, please consider joining us. Please refer to our website and social media network to familiarize yourself with our campaigns, statements, and analysis pieces by browsing through our website.

Here are our year-end reports that will also be helpful:

We are an open organization, and very much welcome new members but it is possible that some people may be asked not to join, or to join a later date. Reasons for not being invited include discrepancies with our vision and way of organizing and maintaining the balance of our membership (in particular ensuring that the voices of women and trans people of colour in our organization, and of individuals that have directly been impacted by unjust immigration policy remain central to our work).

Step 1) MEET US: Please attend our events and actions and meet with a few of our organizers.

Step 2) TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Once you've met with a few of our and organizers and want to join, please fill out the short form at the end of this document to be invited to an orientation session.

Step 3) ORIENTATION: We organize semi-regular orientation meetings based on requests for participation (2 or more people at a time). New members must attend these orientation meetings that include discussions of our campaigns and structure.

Step 4) COME TO A MEETING: Following an orientation session, you may be invited to our next General Membership Meeting (GMM) which take place every other Wednesday.

Step 5) BECOMING A FULL MEMBER: At the third GMM, joining member(s) and the existing membership will jointly decide whether the new member will become a permanent general member. The GMM may choose to extend this consideration period beyond 2 GMMs for some new members.

FORM: Request to be invited to NOII-TO orientation (please send responses to

Email address:
Phone number:

1) Please describe your reasons for wanting to join NOII-TO, and how they align with our vision and organizing principles. Also indicate which of our campaigns you are most interested in. Please root your responses in your direct personal experiences, and let us know which of our organizers you've already met (150-250 words, if you prefer not to write, send us a quick email and we will set up a phone chat)