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Education Not Deportation

Everyone should have access to education, without living in fear of deportation.

Education Not Deportation (END) is a campaign to ensure that all students regardless of immigration status are able to access education. END works to ensure that all people have equal access and opportunity to attend colleges, Universities, ESL classes and language schools without fear of immigration authorities and deportation.

END organizers were at schools when students and teachers organized to stop student deportations and we were at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) when students, teachers and community allies successfully pushed for access without fear policies to be adopted in 2007. We now work to get Access Without Fear policies meaningfully implemented and adopted in every local school board and at post-secondary institutions.

DENIED ACCESS TO SCHOOLS anywhere in Ontario? Get in touch with us. We will work with you to ensure that you get the education you need.

JOIN the Education Not Deportation campaign! If you are a student in high-school or University student interested in starting a campaign for access to your school, get in touch with us at

INVITE us to do Teacher and Staff Workshop Presentations. We have been offering Professional Development trainings for teachers and staff for the last five years and are tailored to the particular needs of workshop organizers. We work with teachers and school staff to ensure that the DADT policy is being implemented that is context-specific.