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BEYOND BORDERS - High School Conference

Nov/18/2008 - 9:00 am

The No One Is Illegal Student Network Presents

When: Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 9:00 am - 2:45 pm
Where: OISE Building, 252 Bloor St. West, Toronto

Beyond Borders is a full-day conference for high school students to learn about and discuss issues faced by immigrants and refugees. Through participatory workshops, multimedia and performances, we will explore the problems with Canada’s immigration system and wider issues faced not only by migrants, but also by indigenous communities.

A free breakfast and lunch will be provided. All students will attend a common opening and closing plenary, and will register on the day of to attend two of four interactive workshops.

Workshops that will be held:

Student Organizing: Access to Education for All

Although education is a fundamental human right, Canadian schools have repeatedly denied this right to residents without full immigration status. Immigrants are tired of being shut out of schools at all levels. Learn about the struggles of students in the Toronto area and how their teachers, friends and communities have supported them, including how they are continuing to push to see a Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy to be implemented in Toronto and province-wide.

The Workforce: Canada Exploiting Migrants

Migrant workers seek better jobs here in Canada, away from their family, in a foreign land, with very few rights. They often work for less than minimum wage, without unions, for excessively long hours, and are at risk of deportation for making complaints about their working conditions. Learn how Canada’s immigration system attacks these working communities and uses them for cheap labour, and how they are fighting back.

Stolen Land: Struggles of Indigenous People

We will take students and teachers through a different history that sheds light on the struggles that First Nations people faced when European settlers came to Canada. The impact of the Indian Act and residential schools hindered the well being and status of indigenous peoples, and are still being felt today. Learn about how indigenous communities in Canada are standing up for their rights, keeping their cultures alive and empowering their communities.

Global Justice: Fighting War, Poverty and Racism

Millions of people migrate worldwide. They leave their homes and come to nations, like Canada, because of factors beyond their control including war, poverty, persecution and civil unrest. Seeking a better life, they are treated as less than human. Find out Canada’s role in creating immigrants and perpetuating oppression.

To register your class, or to register as an individual student, contact:
Adrian – 416-877-2299
Email us: