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Convergence 2010 Organising Meeting

Sep/15/2008 - 6:30 pm

Mon. Sept. 15 - 6:30pm
215 Spadina Ave (4th floor)

Resistance Flags Fly at CBC Headquarters

On August 25 2008, following the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, dozens of people converged at CBC Headquarters in Toronto to publicly declare resistance to the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

Organized by No One Is Illegal-Toronto but including a diverse network of groups and individuals, we collectively raised the anti-Olympic flag at the Opening Ceremonies of the resistance against the Vancouver Olympics, the G8 meetings, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership conventions, all occurring in Canada in 2010.

Highlighting indigenous attempts to defend lands and right to self-determination; of non-status people in calling for an end to their exploitation as disposable commodities; and of oppressed communities demanding a say in the political systems that govern them, activists demanded No Olympics on Stolen Native Land! No to the SPP! No to the G8!

"We are outraged at the dispossession and injustice embodied by all three institutions - the Olympics occurring on unceded indigenous land, and being used to push out the urban poor; the Group of Eight representing a platform for world capitalism and the continuation of preventable inequality; and the SPP opening us to a chilling future of hidden corporate government uninterested in public input!"

Speeches were made detailing the ongoing attacks on workers, the environment, non-status people, public health, direct democracy, and indigenous sovereignty by the G8, SPP and Vancouver Olympics.

Across North America, groups have been organizing to develop strategies and tactics to confront this convergence of power in 2010.

No One Is Illegal will be hosting an initial gathering of migrant rights, indigenous, anti-war, anti-capitalist, and other groups interested in mobilizing to confront these forces on September 15 at 6:30 PM, on the 4th floor of 215 Spadina Ave. in Toronto.

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