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the City is a Sweatshop 2009

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A giant report card was slammed on Mayor Miller's desk on Wednesday (Feb 18) after a successful press conference where migrants and allies exposed and denounced Toronto for forcing its residents in to brutal living conditions.

Failing to provide social housing, viable healthcare, safe learning environments, full shelter and protective work environments, Toronto is a Sweatshop.

A sweatshop we refuse to suffer silently in.

Low-income, poor, indigenous, people of color and queer communities have announced their determination to act against forced dislocation, displacement and abuse under discriminatory federal and municipal policies.

Nearly a thousand of us gathered across Toronto last week to begin to dismantle the city that is a sweatshop.

Joined by speakers from Domestic Workers United (NYC), POWER (San Francisco), Audre Lorde Project (NYC), Native Youth Movement (Kamloops), Olympics Resistance Network (Vancouver) and Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory (Tyendinaga), we developed ideas, strategies and tactics to end the brutal exploitation of poor and racialized people in this city and under the present economic regime.

Strategies that we intend to put in practice as we work to defend the rights of all Toronto residents, irrespective of immigration status, to live with justice and dignity in Toronto and Canada.

On May 2, 2009, join us as as we take to the streets to question the myth
of diversity and welcoming in Toronto; target corporate interests that are
responsible for war, occupation and exploitation; uncover the treatment
of the poor and marginalized in this city and work to dismantle the
Sweatshop City.

In Toronto? Join here: We will be
releasing video of the events shortly.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto has weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 6:30pm
at 252 Bloor West.

Click here for more info on the City is a Sweatshop events, speakers and performers