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Sunday April 5th - Emergency Demonstration to Stop the Raids!

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Apr/05/2009 - 11:00 am

(Download a Know Your Rights flyer for workplace raids here)

Sunday, April 5th - 11am
385 Rexdale Boulevard
Buses leave 9:30 am (St. George and Bloor)

On Thursday and Friday, Immigration enforcement raided a number of workplaces in Southern Ontario, arresting and detaining workers with precarious immigration status on their way to and from work. Over a hundred workers are now languishing in detention centres.

On early Thursday morning, enforcement officers stormed into three different businesses in Bradford and Markham where they arrested migrant workers. CBSA even followed workers to their homes throughout the GTA and surrounding area. In total 80 people were arrested. They were placed on GO buses, handcuffed and held immobile for hours.

On the same day in Leamington, eight agricultural workers were arrested. The workers were traveling to the farm where they work with a contractor when they were pulled over and arrested.

Simultaneously over a dozen agricultural workers were arrested in East Toronto on the Danforth, some from their homes.

Hundreds of families and friends are wondering why their loved ones did not return from work. The hundreds of thousands of non-status people across Canada have woken up to a horrible day in Stephen Harper's Canada. Mass arrests do nothing but create fear, harassment and intimidation, and force all people with precarious status into further exploitation.

Following the large workplace raids in June 2008, these coordinated attacks and arrests show Harper and Immigration Minister Kenney's intention to terrorize those they consider the weakest - Tamil, Vietnamese, Laotian, Mexican, Caribbean, Thai, Filipino and Chinese workers simply trying to survive. In the middle of this recession, the Tory government is spending money and energy on arresting people, piling them into detention centers and buying their plane tickets, instead of supporting social services for those in need.

Detention Reviews are taking place in Toronto at various locations including the Heritage Detention Centre on Saturday and Sunday. Hundreds of us will be outside the Heritage Inn on Sunday at 11am to show our disgust and anger - we are not disposable workers to be used and tossed away at Harper's whims. We refuse to be brutalized and silenced! Condemn Harper and tell the CBSA that migrant communities will not tolerate these attacks!


Buses depart at 9:30 am from Bloor and St. George Street.

Allies across the GTA are urged to get on cars, buses and trains and meet us at the Heritage Inn (385 Rexdale Boulevard).

Further details will be released as we learn more.

To get to the Heritage Inn Detention Centre (385 Rexdale Blvd):


Fastest: Go to Kipling Subway Station, take the Martin Grove Bus (46 Bus) to Rexdale Boulevard, walk west about 4 blocks to the innocent looking hotel with the big rally in front beside the Budget rent-a-car

Slower but less walking:
Go to Islington Subway Station and take the 37A Bus – it drops you in front of the Detention Centre but comes very rarely.

By Car:

From Toronto, take the westbound Gardiner. Take the 427 northbound. Get off at Rexdale Blvd and go east. Go past Hwy 27 and the Heritage is on the right after the Budget Rent-A-Car.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto
Migrante Ontario
Justicia for Migrant Workers
Caregivers Community Support Centre
PCLS Workers Rights Division
Law Union of Ontario

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