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Health for All! Health Care Provision and Direct Action Politics Panel

May/22/2009 - 7:00 pm

22 May at 7pm
63 Gould Street (Ryerson University)
with speakers from NY, Montreal and Toronto

Join Students for Medicare and No One is Illegal as we bring together
health professionals, organizing alongside their communities in the fight
for health for all!

Health care professionals are on the front lines of care every day, and
are direct witnesses to the inadequate resources and access to health care
facing many marginalized populations in our own communities. It is during
their professional lives that health care providers realize that just
showing up to the clinic will not be enough to make everyone well.

This evening will provide opportunities to discuss the difference between
patient advocacy and patient solidarity. We will learn from example how
community members and health care professionals have used creativity to
build safer, healthier communities and a healthy analysis of what it is
that really makes us sick, and what it will take to realize health for

Panelists include:

Bethany Schroeder, Executive Director of the Ithaca Health Alliance,
Ithaca, NY (
Bethany Schroeder will discuss the Ithaca Health Alliance which has been
working for over ten years to facilitate creative health solutions for the
uninsured. Their work includes providing grants for medical procedures,
and the Ithaca Free Clinic, which provides 100% free conventional and
holistic healthcare services to the un- and under-insured.

Roland Wong, M.D., Toronto
Dr. Wong is a community physician who works primarily with patients living
in poverty. He has recently been challenged by the College of Physicians
and Surgeons of Ontario regarding his professional "misconduct" because he
continues to fill out Special Diet Forms for patients desperately in need.
Dr. Wong has will speak on the direct link between poverty and health, and
how he has successfully worked with OCAP to meet his patient's needs.

Samir Shaheen Hussain, M.D, Montreal
Over the years, Samir has been involved with Indigenous solidarity,
migrant justice and anti-police brutality organising, with groups like the
Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (IPSM), Solidarity Across Borders
(SAB) and No One Is Illegal-Montreal (NOII). He will provide a critical
overview of the barriers imposed on migrant folks in accessing healthcare,
and will discuss the significant potential of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
policies based on his experiences with migrant children during his
pediatric residency. Samir will also speak about the politicization of
both health care workers and community members as being necessary for
Health for All.

Cathy Crowe, R.N., Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, Toronto
Cathy Crowe has been a Street Nurse in downtown Toronto for over 20 years.
She has worked as a nurse and activist helping to found numerous
coalitions that have fought for social justice including: Nurses for
Social Responsibility, Toronto Coalition Against Homelessness, TB Action
Group, and the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee which in 1998 declared
homelessness a national disaster.