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ACTION ALERT: Urgent Email Campaign


Write to Prime Minister Harper, Leamington Police Chief Gow, and Immigration Enforcement Manager Schuler

On 27 and 28 May, 2009, CBSA with help from local Police arrested at least 20 farm-workers for no crime except that they were trying to earn a decent living.

These workplace raids cannot be allowed to become the new reality of Canadian Immigration. (For further information, see below.)

We need immediate, urgent action against CBSA-Windsor, the Leamington Police and Prime Minister Harper!

Your two minutes in sending an email could make a critical difference. Leamington has yet to see a concerted political campaign ?show them how many people think that these raids are unacceptable!

Sample Email:

?Dear Harper, Chief Gow and Immigration Manager Schuler!

Stop workplace raids! Stop targeting migrant workers! Stop confusing community protection with racist Immigration Enforcement!

Release all detainees. Status for All!?

++Prime Minister Stephen Harper -
++Tuula Schuler, Immigration Enforcement Manager (Windsor/St Clair) -
++Chief Dean F. Gow, Leamington Police -


Two Raids: Dozens of food packagers arrested for working in Southern Ontario

At least nine women were arrested in Leamington, Ontario on Wednesday (May
27) by Immigration Enforcement in the latest wave of workplace raids to
hit the country, according to Justicia for Migrant Workers.

Another ten were arrested on Immigration related charges on Thursday (May
28), this time by Leamington Police, in the second raid in two days.

Immigration is a federal matter and does not fall under municipal Police
jurisdiction. Federal policy enforcement carried out by local police
entrenches fear amongst the most vulnerable workers in the community.

In the early morning of Wednesday, May 27th. Immigration Enforcement
swarmed Lakeside Produce arresting nine migrant workers, all women. One of
the arrested is pregnant. At the time of this writing, two workers have
been released.

Early Thursday morning at approximately 8am, Police officials in
Leamington pulled over several vans of undocumented workers who were on
their way to work. At least ten workers, 7 originally from Mexico, are
being detained on Immigration related charges.

Most of the arrested are in Canada on valid visas, and some have refugee
claims in process as their lives are at risk in their countries of origin.

Thus, the only ?crime? committed by these food packagers is going to work.

The arrested are not being held in Immigration Detention Centers; instead
they are locked up in Windsor Country Jail for minor infractions.

These latest arrests mark an alarming trend of workplace raids by the
Canada Border Service Agency. In April, CBSA conducted large scale raids
throughout the GTA and Southwestern Ontario, where over 100 migrants were
arrested and deported.

?By targeting migrant labour, Harper is attempting to use migrant workers
as scapegoats in this recession,? says Chris Ramsaroop of Justice for
Migrant Workers ? a human rights group that works with migrant

?We are outraged by these arrests,? says SK Hussan of No One is
Illegal?Toronto. ?These attacks destroy our communities and blame the
most vulnerable group of workers for the economic crisis.?

Migrant and non-status workers are obliged to do unsafe and low-wage work
(often for less than minimum wage) just to earn a living. Speaking out
against health and workplace safety concerns often results in firings and

Justice for Migrant Workers and No One is Illegal-Toronto are organizing a
Stop the Raids! forum on June 6 and other actions this week to fight
against the raids and growing attacks on our community.