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OPSEU condemns immigration raids, demands full regularization and access to services for undocumented people

No One Is Illegal-Toronto sends greetings of solidarity to delegates at the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) 2009 convention, 23-25 April 2009.

At the convention, OPSEU passed a historic resolution to join community groups in condemning immigration raids, demanding a full and inclusive regularization program (and lobbying NUPGE to take a similar stance), committing to lobbying the province to provide services to undocumented people, demanding that the government enact legislation that regulates recruitment agencies, work with community groups to develop educational materials, workshops and presentations for OPSEU membership and others, and make a financial contribution to No One Is Illegal-Toronto, Migrante Ontario and Justicia for Migrant Workers.

This is a significant moment in Canadian history as a major provincial union has taken on the call to support undocumented people and use its resources to lobby the national union, the province and the federal government.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union is the third largest Union in Ontario with approximately 115,000, nearly 500 locals, and 35 Regional
Offices and Membership Centres.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto congratulates OPSEU in taking this important step in defence of some of the most marginalized members of the working class. In times of Economic Crisis, it is essential that Unions across Canada mobilize to protect all workers, irrespective of immigration status. This OPSEU resolution makes explicit the regressive Canadian immigration policy that seeks to create a class of disposable workers and
further racism and abuse. OPSEU has committed to joining community struggles against this policy.