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OCAP Meal, Rally and March on The Financial District

Nov/05/2009 - 1:30 pm

Thursday, November 5th, 2009
1:30 pm
St. James Park (King St. E and Jarvis St.)

Join with the Canadian Federation of Students
at 4:00pm at Queen's Park

The Tories are bent on creating a new class of super-exploited immigrant
labour. Just like the United States' racist and exploitative Bracero
Programs of the 1950s-60s, Immigration Minister Kenney is proposing new
Temporary Foreign Worker program regulations that will only benefit
employers. Migrant workers are being forced out and denied the chance to
gain the rights of citizens or permanent residents. We call on all
people, migrants, trade unionists, students and poor people to resist!

For years, they have been telling us no money exists for decent wages,
proper housing, childcare, education or health care and, certainly, no
money to ensure that poor people on assistance can pay the rent and eat
properly. Yet when the banks and corporations ask for help, public money
suddenly becomes available to them. This bail-out money is lining the
pockets of CEOs, while thousands of workers are either laid off or forced
to take devastating concessions. Join us at 1:30pm on Nov. 5 to demand
justice for all.

As Ontario tuition fees rises above all other provinces, non-status
students are largely unable to access post-secondary education, adult
learning schools or ESL programs. Education is a right for all and cannot
be denied on the basis of status. Join with the Education Not Deportation
contingent at 4:00pm at Queen's Park to fight back.

We demand:
-Justice For First Nations: stop economic warfare and recognize
-Status for all immigrants and refugees: access to services without fear
-Affordable and Accessible Housing: increased social housing and access to
proper shelter supports
-Decent Income: Increased Social Assistance by 40%, Increased
(Un)Employment Insurance and Minimum Wage

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