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Launch and Movie Night for the Afghani Refugee Relief Organization

Sep/30/2008 - 6:30 pm

Afghanistan: Justice Served?

ARRO was formed in 2007 to give Refugees from Afghanistan a voice within our communities and within the larger society and to assist Refugees from Afghanistan displaced by war and civil strife in settling in Canada. This is our first public event. ARRO is critical of the current occupation of Afghanistan, but also knows first hand the treatment people receive in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban.

Tuesday September 30th - 6:30pm
at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
252 Bloor Street West, at Bedford (St. George Subway).

Join us to view two powerful movies about the situation in Afghanistan: ?Daily Afghan Torture? showing the Taliban training soldiers alongside the American Army and ?Captured? a film about the kidnapping and torture of Afghan soldiers by the Taliban. We also will feature clips from an American bomb blast at a wedding in Afghanistan (warning these films are documentary and feature extremely raw footage of actual events, viewer discretion advised).

Featuring also the following speakers:

Sakia Mojadiddi who is an Afghan refugee who has had the experience of both worlds; the west and the east. She speaks as a single mother in Canada, and also someone who has lost her entire family to the communist regime.

Mariam Qureshi is a Canadian Afghan with an identity crisis. She will never be recognized as just a Canadian or just an Afghan, creating a constant struggle. Mariam will share her viewpoint on terrorism from a generation that is appalled by the whole thing.

Zahir Ofuq is an Afghan refugee who was jailed (sentenced to ten years) by the People?s Democratic Party before the fall of this government due his pressure from within the government regarding human rights issues. He was released after the fall of the government, and then subsequently fled Afghanistan to avoid persecution by the Taliban. Zahir speaks of the consequences of the current occupation, while having no sympathy for the Taliban.

and ENDORSED BY No One Is Illegal-Toronto and the Ontario Public Interest Research Group-Toronto

For more information:, 416 999-6885.