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2007: National Day of Action for Status For All! (Callout)

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May 5 2007 PosterMarch and Community Fair
Saturday, May 5th. 12 p.m.
Christie Pitts Park (Bloor and Christie)
Community Fair at Dufferin Grove Park from 2:30pm-6pm

Everyday over 500,000 undocumented people across Canada, and over 80,000 in Toronto, live in daily fear of detention and deportation. They are our coworkers, fellow students, political activists, family, friends, and community members. Working in the backs of hotels and restaurants, as domestic and agricultural workers, as taxi drivers and construction workers, and in other jobs, undocumented and immigrant communities experience racial profiling, exploitative working conditions, and lack of access to city services.

On May 5th we will come together for our 3rd annual march to show our strength and continue to voice our demands. We will demand an end to detentions and deportations. We will demand access without fear to city services. We will demand a full and inclusive regularization program.

The march will follow week-long celebrations of workers rights worldwide, starting with the May Day demonstrations by our allies in the United States who are planning an even bigger turnout than the millions who turned out last May. Immigrant rights are workers rights and we will be commemorating the immigrant workers traditions of May Day with a strong trade unionist and workers contingent. Marching under the banner "Good Enough to Work, Good Enough to Stay," they will be calling for permanent status for all and not temporary workers permits. Temporary status is not enough to end the exploitation of migrant workers and instead creates further marginalization.

Undocumented migrants are further marginalized by not being able to access city services without fear of deportation. But over the past year, No One is Illegal has made some gains in our Access Without Fear Campaign. After a year of community pressure, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has finally started to implement the 'Don't Ask' policy where police will not ask victims and witnesses of crime for their immigration status. However, more work needs to be done to ensure full access to city services for undocumented migrants and No One is Illegal is continuing its fight for a 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy for all city services.

The diverse neighbourhood, in which the march is held, was targeted by immigration enforcement last year with residents randomly being asked for documentation. This coincided with the emergence of the new Conservative immigration ministry, which resulted in escalated attacks against immigrant communities. We saw an increased number of detentions and deportations, arrests of students at schools, and US-style enforcement tactics including random identification checks in malls, subway stations, and on the streets.

Last year, we organized and fought these attacks. We organized in our work places, community centres, apartment buildings, schools and unions to show the Immigration Ministry that we would not accept these attacks. Together we were able to stop the random identification checks in a community viciously targeted by immigration officials.

On May 5th, we will celebrate our victories, and re-energize for our continuing struggle. The march will end at Dufferin Grove Park where there will be a community fair filled with activities, food and music. The events are part of the National Day of Action demanding status for all taking place in Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Mississauga, Montreal, and Vancouver and other cities across Canada.

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Buses will be picking people up and driving them down to the march and community fair. The buses are free, so if you're coming from Brampton, Oakville or Scarborough, get on the bus! Click on the links to get directions:

Leaving at 11:00am at 7899 McLaughlin Road (in front of Sheridan College)

Leaving at 11:00am at 1430 Trafalgar Road (in front of Sheridan
College-Trafalgar campus)

Leaving at 11:00am at 10 Teesdale Place (off of Pharmacy Rd, north of
Danforth Rd; near Victoria Park subway station)