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Wednesday, March 26
4700 Keele Street
York University, Vari Hall

12:30pm. Buses leaving from 12 Hart House Circle (U of T)

Students and faculty from campuses across Toronto will descend on York University on Wednesday afternoon to protect one of their own. Sarah (Saintsierra Leonty), 20, a student of International Development Studies at York University faces imminent deportation to St. Lucia unless her application to stay on humanitarian grounds is accepted.

Sarah volunteers at Beatrice House, a women's shelter, and works at a local café and knitting shop. Though she won the Herb Carnegie award and recognition from the lieutenant-governor for her community service work, the former Student Council President was forced to quit University when she could not afford the high international fees.

Sarah was selected last August for the Youth in Motion scholarship supported by the federal government to carry on her studies at any Canadian college. Of 72 high-achieving applicants, Sarah was one of 12 granted a full tuition scholarship.

Rallying supporters and friends are demanding that Citizenship and Immigration expedite Sarah's Humanitarian and Compassionate Application allowing her to stay in Canada.

A press conference with Sarah and members of endorsing organizations will follow.
Over 200,000 people live without status and work in the GTA. Undocumented people work in hotels and restaurants, in the construction industry, as cleaners and nannies, and many other low paying jobs. Non-Status people are severely exploited, often working long hours for less than minimum wage. People without status are the backbone of this city, yet are denied access to essential services like education, health care, housing, social services and many others.


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