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Queer Nigerian Woman and Her Children Win Deferral of Deportation! Join the Fight to Win Them Permanent Status

TORONTO - July 7 2008 - No One Is Illegal-Toronto organised alongside parishoners from a Scarborough-based Presbyterian Church and Parkdale Community Legal Services to put a temporary stop to the deportation of single mother and her children fleeing gender violence in Nigeria.

Jane Okojie is a both a victim of domestic & sexual violence in Nigeria, and was beaten by local villagers when her bisexuality was discovered. If sent back to Nigeria, she is at great risk of persecution. She has a 12 year old Nigerian son (Samuel) who she also brought to Canada from Nigeria, as well as a one year old Canadian citizen child. Jane faces possible arrest, in light of laws prohibiting same sex marriage, and serious violence if forced to return.

A crowd of 40 community members gathered outside the Regional Offices of Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC) for a spirited rally. Representatives delivered a letter demanding a stop to Jane and her children's deportation scheduled to take place the following day. Immediately following the rally, CIC informed Jane's lawyer that they would defer the deportation and allow the family the opportunity to have a Judicial Review of their Pre-Removal Risk Assessment at the Federal Court.

Join us as we continue to fight for permanent status for Jane and her children.

ENDORSERS: 519 Community Centre, EGALE, Elizabeth Frye Societies

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