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URGENT! Act Now! CALL, FAX, PETITION to Stop Alexander Kopylov's Deportation!

If you haven't already, please take action right away to stop Alexander from being deported next Wednesday, Jan 23. Its very URGENT that we get in CALLS, FAXES and SIGNATURES in to the Enforcement Officer before Wednesday.

Details follow below.

Faces almost certain death in Russia.
He is being deported to Russia next Wednesday, 23 January 2008.
Unless WE do something NOW!

CALL the Enforcement Officer immediately at 905.405.3500
FAX the attached letter at 905.405.3533
SIGN the petition at:

Is an independent activist journalist who wrote against the violence of the Russian state.
Subsequently his newspaper was shut down, his car blew up, and he was told not to leave Rostov-on-Don.
He fled Russia knowing his life was in danger.

Sought political refuge in Canada.
It was denied.
He still continued living in Canada, fearing for his life if he returned to Russia.
In June 2006 he was arrested and held in a Detention Centre.

Has continuously criticized the Putin Government and its heavy handedness in his blogs.
He has publicly spoken out against injustices, for all people, and especially in Russia.
His life is even more at risk in Russia because of his outspoken advocacy.
More than 60 dissident journalists have been murdered by the Putin government since 2000.

Is in maximum security prison, along with other non-status peoples.
He is being tortured by imprisonment, to extort his consent to return to Russia.
For him even maximum security prison is preferable to going back to Russia.
Now he is being forced to return to Russia where he is very likely to get killed.
All this despite the fact that Canada has signed the UN Convention Against Torture.

Alexander's life is at stake! Save him now! Hold Canada accountable!

For further information: ;(Alexander's hometown)

Or call Hussan, 416.994.2946

CALL 905.405.3500
Enforcement Officer
Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre


- My name is (OPTIONAL: and I am calling on behalf of )

- This is concerning Alexander Koplyov, Client ID: 4457-0902, a refugee
claimant and independent journalist from Russia.

- Can I speak to the Enforcement Officer for Alexander Kopylov?

(To the Enforcement Officer OR Whom you can reach)
- Alexander has been slated for deportation on 23 January 2008. This will
put his life in grave danger.

- I am calling to strongly urge you to put an immediate stay on his
removal pending the Judicial Review of his second Pre-Removal Risk
Assessment in Federal Court.

- Please ensure that my concerns are conveyed to the Enforcement Officer

Thank you.

SAMPLE FAX LETTER. Please add your personal information in the relevant
FAX 905.405.3533
(The sample fax letter is also attached to this email)

Enforcement Officer
Greater Toronto Enforcement Officer
6900 Airport Road, Entrance "2B"
Mississauga, L4V 1E8

Tel: 905.405.3500
Fax: 905.405.3533

15 January 2008

Dear Enforcement Officer,

Subject: URGENT! Request to stay the deportation of Mr. Alexander Kopylov.
Client ID: 4457-0902

I am writing this letter to you (OPTIONAL: on behalf of ) to express my grave concern and outrage over the deportation notice
issued to Mr. Alexander Kopylov for 23 January 2008.

As you know, Alexander is a critical and outspoken independent Russian
journalist. He is a fervent spokesperson for human rights and democracy and
has been widely cited in Russian and Canadian media for his views. His
coverage of the military operations in Beslan (Osetia, Russia) that led to
the death of 300 children jeopardized his continued stay in Russia forcing
him to flee. His deportation to Russia would put his life in grave danger
and be a gross violation of Canada's tradition of protecting refugees.

As a signatory to the 1951 Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees and
its 1967 Protocol, Canada is committed to "offer refugee protection to
people in Canada who fear persecution or who may be at risk of torture or
cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, and are unwilling or unable to
return to their home country" (CIC Website). We urge you to ensure that
Canadian integrity is not compromised. Alexander's deportation would be a
contravention of Canada's constitutionally enshrined commitment to human

Since his arrival, Alexander has been an active journalist blogger
critiquing Putin's use of violence. He was featured on Global TV speaking
against the present Russian government. This has greatly increased the
risk to his life if he were to return. Since 2000, the Putin government
has been involved in the murder of over sixty dissident journalists who
dared to consistently challenge the oppressive regime (Committee to
Protect Journalists; Glasnost Defense Foundation).

Even as a refugee claimant, Mr Kopylov has greatly contributed to the
civic and cultural life of Canada. He was the President of the Russian
Humanitarian House, a multiethnic community based non-profit organization,
established by 'open voting' of the Russian community of Montreal, and
acting in its cultural and humanitarian interests.

Yet he has been detained intermittently for over a year in an effort to
extort his consent, a necessary pre-condition for deportation to Russia.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada has used internment detention as a
mechanism of torture to force him to agree to put his life in danger. This
is an abuse of correctional facilities in our country and a violation of
the rights guaranteed not only by our own Charter of Rights and Freedoms,
but also by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and numerous other international
and regional human rights treaties to which Canada is a party.

We urge you to put an immediate stay on Alexander Kopylov's removal,
pending the Judicial Review of his second Pre-Removal Risk Assessment in
Federal Court.

Thank you.

Your name