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Why is the City a Sweatshop?

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No One Is Illegal-Toronto is organizing days of education, community building and idea sharing, ‘The City is a Sweatshop’, from March 19-21, 2010.

Please read, download, print and post the attached backgrounder on why the City of Toronto is a Sweatshop, and look out for more details on the events coming soon.

no one is illegal-toronto
The City of Toronto is a Sweatshop

We are exploited at workplaces, even killed, whether we have work permits or not…

(Source: No One Is Illegal-Toronto, Justice for Migrant Workers, Worker’s Action Centre)

We cannot apply for welfare when we are poor and hungry…

(Source: Ontario Works Directive 3.1)

We are kicked out of Toronto Community Housing when we lose our status…

(Source: TCH Eligibility Requirements)

We are threatened with deportation when we unionize…

(Source: Justice for Migrant Workers, UFCW and Unite Here Union drives)

We cannot get protection even when we are struggling against sexual abuse and assault…

(Source: Toronto Police Services Board report October 9, 2008)

We are asked for identification and exorbitant fees by Schools, Colleges and Universities…

(Source: Community Social Planning Council, June 2008; No One Is Illegal-Toronto)

We must choose between living in debt or living with serious injury or suffering for ourselves, our families and our friends…

(Source: Health for All, 2009)

We cannot get legal aid coverage for most areas of immigration law…

(Source: Law Society of Upper Canada)

We get asked for status documents in food banks with no commitment that this information won’t be shared with Immigration Canada…

(Source: investigation by No One Is Illegal December 2009)

Immigration Enforcement and the Police work together to raid our workplaces, arrest us in our homes, in shopping malls, in subway stations and on the streets…

(Source: No One Is Illegal-Toronto)

People without full status are treated like second class members of this city no matter what claims are made by the City and Provincial Government to the contrary

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