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A Declaration. An Invitation.

International Women’s Day 2010

In the face of war, occupation, economic deprivation and domestic and sexual abuse, migrant women, transpeople and children have travelled to Canada.

These women, children and transpeople work in precarious jobs as temporary workers and immigrants. Many live without access to basic food, shelter, healthcare, job protection, justice or dignity when they are unable to gain full status.

In the past year, we have heard of numerous families arrested in spaces where they sought to rebuild their lives – in shelters, outside anti-violence against women organization and in community gardens.

Forcing women to places with little personal security or economic opportunity and away from communities they have created is Violence. Detentions and Deportations are Violence Against Women.

Enraged, the Women's Movement has risen to demand Status for All!

It is our responsibility to ensure that women, transpeople and children in our communities do not live in daily fear of detention and deportation, especially when seeking support.

We serve all women, children and transpeople regardless of Immigration Status.

We have implemented formal and informal policies1 to keep Immigration Enforcement officers and police doing their work out of our sites.

We demand that immigration enforcement cease harassing women and transpeople at shelters and anti-VAW spaces immediately. We demand that the Police stop colluding with Immigration Enforcement.

We maintain that women fighting back against violence be given status now.

Knowing that women and transpeople in our community cannot wait, we urge all Anti-Violence Against Women organizations to immediately sign this declaration.2

1 Based on the Access Not Fear draft policy developed by Immigration Legal Cttee of No One Is Illegal - Toronto
2 Email for more info

SSS Draft Declaration - IWD 2010.pdf20.43 KB
Access Not Fear Draft Policy.pdf39.99 KB