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Jun/25/2010 - 2:30 pm


Friday, June 25th, 2010
Allan Gardens (Carleton St. and Sherbourne St)

NOTE: March will be led by Women and Transfolks

From June 25th and 27th, 2010, the world’s twenty richest countries (the G8 and G20) will send their ruling elite, along with heads of the IMF and World Bank, to meet in Huntsville and then in Toronto, to talk exploitation, wealth, and greed.

These ‘leaders’ have shredded the public sector and social spending, criminalized the poor, immigrants and racialized communities, continued to plunder Indigenous lands and trash the environment, deported our families and friends, gutted the unions, and closed hospitals and schools while they grant tax cuts to the rich and corporations and boost police and military budgets. These disgusting policies have enacted devastation around the world and are reflected right here in Toronto.

We are the people severely impacted by this agenda: we are Toronto-based community organizations, people of color, indigenous people, immigrants, women, the poor, the working class, queer and trans people, disabled people, and our allies.

We live in a city that houses the corporations that exploit and displace people. Toronto police kills and brutalizes our communities. Toronto housing kicks out our families. Toronto social services slam the door on undocumented migrants. This city pushes out poor people and attacks sex workers. Toronto exists on stolen indigenous land.

Toronto’s communities are uniting to take back what is ours! Join us on the streets June 25, as we ensure the G20, the G8 and their deadly policies are exposed and challenged! Rally, march, party and pitch a tent city against Toronto and the G8/G20?s colonial, racist, sexist, abeliest, homo/transphobic and capitalist policies.

Join Us for Justice For Our Communities!

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, No One Is Illegal-Toronto, LIFEMovement, Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty, Students Against Israeli Apartheid, DAMN 2025, Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile – Canada, No Games Toronto, South Asian Women’s Rights Organization, Ryerson Students Union, International Federation of Iranian Refugees in Canada, Gender Justice for All, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, Not in Our Name (NION): Jewish Voices Opposing Zionism, Gaza Freedom March, Educators for Peace and Justice, Women in Solidarity with Palestine, Shelter|Sanctuary|Status

Our organizations are campaigning for the some of the following demands:

-Stop the theft and plunder of indigenous lands: Indigenous sovereignty now!
-Housing for all
-Status for All! Justice for Migrants and Refugees!
-Free/Funded Childcare and Daycare!
-Accessibility legislation that means something – NOW!
-Reverse the cut to the Special Diet, Raise Welfare/Disability Rates!
-Stop psychiatric assault
-Access to Social Services Without fear
-No to the Pan Am Games!
-End Israeli Apartheid! Respect the call for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions!
-Stop racial profiling
-Free and accessible transit
-Stop the privatization of city property
-Justice for migrant and non-status workers
-Affordable and accessible post-secondary education
-Remove the cap on Direct Funding for Attendant Care
-Police out of Schools
-Stop the Social Cleansing of the Downtown East End
-Stop Police Brutality, Impunity, and Militarization of Communities
- Stop all state and personal violence against women and children, trans and queer people.
- Guarantee freedom of sexual and reproductive choice and control over our bodies and lives.
- Boycott of Chilean Fruit and Wine for the Freedom of the Mapuche Political Prisoners

(To join the organizing, and to add your local campaign demands to this call, email

For more information about June 25th, click here or email, or call 416-925-6939

For more details on the broader G8/G20 Convergence in Toronto, visit