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An Invitation: No One Is Illegal Resists the G8/G20!

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>> The G8/G20 countries impose borders, celebrate temporary worker programs and support racist Immigration policies. This means that we are exploited, abused and live in daily fear.

>> The G8/G20 countries cause massive environmental damage. This means that families in the ‘Third World’ are unable to live with dignity and are being forced out of their homes.

>> The G8/G20 ‘leaders’ created the economic crisis and refuse to hold banks accountable. This means job loss and poverty for migrant communities.

>> The G8/G20 countries create most of the weapons in the world and support policing and wars on poor communities. This means suffering and death in countries of the South, and in poor and people of color communities here in Canada.

>> The G8/G20 Summits are spending over $1.2 billion on fences and checkpoints in our city, creating borders that will divide people. Torontonians will face an armed camp for a few days which is a daily reality for millions around the world.

>> The G8 and G20 Summits are a meeting of the people that make the rules that hurt us in our streets, at our workplaces and in our homes. The Summit itself, as well as the decisions they make must be opposed by all who struggle for immigrant rights and migrant justice.

In direct opposition to the G20 policies, No One Is Illegal-Toronto invites you to:

12pm – 3pm, St. Jamestown.
Come eat, talk and be inspired about the G20 resistance

1pm – 3pm, Ryerson University, SCC Thomas Lounge
with Adil Charkaoui, Melissa Eliott, No One Is Illegal-Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver
Please register

2:30pm, Allan Gardens
JOIN the No One Is Illegal contingent. Look for our banners.
June 25th is the day that business leaders from the 20 richest countries (B20) meet in Toronto
to decide what the G20 Summits are really about – the rich! Rally, march, party and pitch a tent city against Toronto and the G8/G20?s colonial, racist, sexist, abeliest, homo/transphobic and capitalist policies. See our demands and keep checking for updates, we will be going till late in to the night: Remember to bring a sleeping bag.


The logistics and infrastructure for the anti-G8/G20 mobilizations is being organised by the Toronto Community Mobilization Network. Please visit their website for a full schedule of updates and events:

The Network is calling for support. Needs include financial donations, food and particularly housing, please visit:

Please forward widely. We have friends and allies coming from across the country and we need people to open up their homes, their community and labour centres, their schools and their Universities to our guests.

Also, check out this video: