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National Day of Action: THE PEOPLE vs. JASON KENNEY (and everything he stands for)

Jul/24/2010 - 3:00 pm

24 July 2010
National Day of Action: THE PEOPLE vs. JASON KENNEY (and everything he stands for)

  • All Day: follow @noii_to (on twitter)
  • @3pm, Football Showdown @ Dufferin Grove Park

JK (aka Jason Kenney) is the Immigration Minister
JK wants to be the new Harper
JK cut the refugee program
JK makes lives miserable for Immigrants
JK cuts funds for women’s groups and people opposing Israeli Apartheid
JK wants more temp workers with few rights
JK wants more corporate profit and few people’s freedoms

JK needs a kickin’

On July 24, a National Day of Action against JK, his anti-people policies and everything else he stands for has been declared.

On July 24, creative actions will take place across Toronto opposing JK and his agenda.

Follow us @noii_to (Twitter!) to find actions all day on July 24 as they happen - #kickjasonjenney

@3pm, bring friends, family and food to Dufferin Grove Park to a MASSIVE football showdown

The People Vs Jason Kenney

In Toronto, as we recover from the G20 Summit and prepare for the G20 policies of cuts to public services and an increase in temp programs (“austerity measures”) – lets get together for an exciting and fun filled day of challenging Jason Kenney.

Planning your own creative actions opposing JK’s attacks on migrants, Palestinian solidarity, or Anti-War efforts? Let us know! Take pictures, make videos, tag ‘em #kickjasonjenney


“I plead guilty. I am a racist” - Jason Kenney, Montreal 2009.

Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney
is known as the Minister of Censorship and Deportation because of his
record as one of the most repressive immigration ministers in Canadian
history. Deportations have increased, while the number of people
accepted as refugees and sponsored family members have drastically
dropped. Instead, Kenney has increased the number of temporary workers
who are constantly exploited for their labour. His new refugee bill
creates a racist two tier system based on nationality, and he has
called a wide range of migrants - from Mexicans to the War Resisters
“bogus”. Under his regime, an Eritrean refugee committed suicide from
fear of a pending deportation, and a young woman was murdered upon her
deportation to Mexico.

Kenney is also a staunch supporter of imperialism, stifling anti war
voices such as George Galloway and the Canadian Arab Federation.
Kenney’s neoconservative values are obvious in his comments and
actions: pulling Canada out of the Durban World Conference Against
Racism; introducing a citizenship guide that omits the rights of
lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) communities; defending
Quebec Bill C 94 that discriminates against women who wear the niqab;
and stating that immigrants are not integrating well into (colonial)

Join No One Is Illegal-Toronto on July 24th to demand an END to
censorship of dissenting voices. An END to detentions and
deportations. An END to the exploitation of temporary migrant workers.
An END to military occupations from Afghanistan to Palestine. An END
to discrimination against women, LGBTQ communities, immigrants, and
racialized people.

We are rising out of schools, neighbourhoods, and workplaces to reject
Kenney's agenda; join this grassroots movement and rise up with us!

The People v. Kenney
Freedom to move
Right to stay, and to Return
We are many.

Actions will also be taking place in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal
and Halifax. See for more info.