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Cutting Deeper: The Age of Austerity and Implications for Health

Sep/29/2010 - 7:00 pm

Wednesday, September 29th
Fitzgerald Building -- Room 103
150 College Street

A panel discussion organized by Health For All (

Amina Ali - Organizing member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
David McNally - Professor of Political Science at York University
Ritika Goel - Organizing member of Health For All

This June amidst mass protests against the policies of the G20, world government leaders met behind fences and an unprecedented billion dollar security apparatus to announce their deepened commitment to, in Stephen Harper's words, an "Age of Austerity".

In Canada, we can expect these measures to translate into more cuts to social programming and further privatization of health and education services. Already, we have seen the slashing of welfare rates and the cutting of the Special Diet Allowance. Unless we work towards an alternative, living in Canada during the Age of Austerity will mean witnessing the redirection of public tax dollars into the purchase of billions of dollars worth of fighter jets, the building of prisons and inflation of police budgets in order to fill those prisons, while banks are bailed out, and CEOs and investors of large corporations continue to make record profits.

The shift to the right in social and economic policies has devastating effects for local indigenous, migrant and poor communities. However, this crisis also means a time of renewed commitment to creating strong viable alternatives that can resist and replace these measures, the forces and the politicians that put them in place.

From Greece to South Africa to Canada to South Korea, people are mobilizing against these attacks on our communities and our environment, seeking to create other possible futures that place people before profit.

Each speaker will aim to explore the following questions in depth with relation to their respective areas:

-What can we expect from this commitment to 'Austerity Measures’?
-What will be the implications of these measures for the health of our communities?
-And how are communities resisting these measures in order to protect their health and communal well-being?

Join Health For All for an evening of discussion on the implications of Austerity- for our Communities, for our Health and for our Organizing.

**We will also be fundraising for the G20 Legal Defense Fund during the event. Please email by Wednesday, Sept 22nd if you require ASL or childcare services or if you would like to endorse this event.**

Health For All is a multidisciplinary group of migrants, healthcare professionals, students, activists and allies. We believe health is a fundamental human right and a matter of social justice. Health requires not only access to services for maintaining physical and mental health, but requires full economic, social, environmental, and political rights for all people.