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Migrant Workers March in Historic Pilgrimage to Freedom

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On Sunday October 10, 2010 migrant agriculture workers, accompanied by allies from across Ontario participated in a grueling 50 km walk, from Leamington to Windsor Ontario. Organized by Justicia for Migrant Workers, the march was a grassroots effort led by migrant workers.

Beginning at 7am, the exuberant and historic "Pilgrimage to Freedom" demanded immigration status for all, an end to exorbitant recruitment fees, better housing, safe working conditions and an end to racism and sexism in the workplace.

Making stops at local politicians offices and the Canadian Border Services Agency, the march ended nearly over 12 hours later at the Underground Railroad Memorial in Windsor to mark, honor and be inspired by the resilience of migrant and indentured workers that have slaved in exploitative conditions over the centuries, yet have still fought back, and have still survived.

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