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Join No One Is Illegal & Shelter|Sanctuary|Status at Take Back the Night!

Oct/22/2010 - 4:00 pm

Organized by our friends and allies at the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape

The theme of this year's march is '30 years of Struggle, Resistance, and Liberation'

JOIN the Migrant Justice contingent, meet at 8pm at the south-east corner of the Yonge & Dundas intersection.
LOOK out for the red No One Is Illegal flags.

Friday Oct. 22
Yonge-Dundas Square
4pm-8pm: Community Fair/Town Cry/Rally
8pm-9:30pm: March

We march because we remember much more than 30 years of struggle.
Over 30 years of women and trans people of colour fighting for gender equity and rights in this city.
Over 30 years of migrant women fighting for the right to live, work and move with justice and dignity.
Over 30 years of our indigenous sisters fighting for sovereignty and the right to self determination.

And we remember the struggles of women of colour, migrant women, indigenous women who have spear-
headed the movement for justice for all women.

We remember the struggle of Kimberly Lizanno Sossa, who organized to open up schooling and education for undocumented students across the GTA. We remember the struggles of Cecilia and Isabel, who fought to open up anti-VAW shelter doors across the city for non-status women surviving violence.

We are inspired by the struggles of Mikeda Silvera, Sely Vilasin, Joy Sioson, Dora Nipp and Pura Velasco, who have fought for the rights of working migrant women with precarious status, live in care givers, temporary workers, and refugee women, denied status because of a racist and colonial immigration system.

We are inspired by the struggles of Doreen Silversmith, Harriet Nahanee, and Ellen Gabriel, who have fought for justice for our missing, and murdered indigenous sisters, and fought against the ongoing theft and rape of the land here on Turtle Island.

We remember the struggles of the countless other migrant women, indigenous women, and trans people of colour from displaced communities who have inspired us in the struggle for anti-racism and feminism, in the struggle against colonialism and patriarchy.

But most of all, we march because for more than 30 years, we have fought, resisted, and organized ourselves. To fight. To win.

For over 30 years and many years to come, migrant women of colour will continue to organize to take back the night, every night, every street, every city and every part of the world where we fight for liberation. Because as women of colour, as migrants, as survivors of rape and violence, as allies, and as creative resistors, we are taking back power, reclaiming the city, creating alternative ways of living, building, and fighting to win a SANCTUARY CITY.

So march with us! Build with us. Here's to the 30 years before us, and the 30 years and more that is to come.


For more info on the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre: