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How Shelter|Sanctuary|Status pushed out Immigration Enforcement

02 Oct 2008:
After over 6 months of conversations with migrant women of color, undocumented women and activists, No One Is Illegal-Toronto with the Workers Action Centre, Interim Place and others launches the Shelter|Sanctuary|Status campaign. Demands are: immigration enforcement out of Anti-VAW spaces and status for Isabel Garcia. Over a 120 organizations across Canada endorse.

25 Nov 2008:
Campaign begins workshops with undocumented women, service providers and others at Anti-VAW spaces across GTA. Workshops focus on making all anti-violence against women services accessible to undocumented women survivors of violence and to bar immigration enforcement from entering or waiting outside Anti-VAW spaces.

5 Apr 2009:
A demonstration is organized at Rexdale Immigration Holding Centre after massive workplace raids. Survivors of violence, including undocumented women attend in large numbers:

11 May 2009:
Campaign begins to train feminists, students and undocumented women to carry out educationals and workshops.

12 Sep 2009:
Shelter|Sanctuary|Status Campaign joins TRCC for the 2009 Take Back the Night March under the banner 'Take Back the Night! No More Hiding!'

25 Nov 2009:
Shelter|Sanctuary|Status Campaign hosts a GTA-wide gathering and public event insisting 'Deportation is Violence Against Women'.

08 Mar 2010:
Emergency public meeting after repeated reports of immigration enforcement attempting to arrest undocumented women at anti-violence against women spaces. ( and Catherine Porter from The Star:

08 Mar 2010:
On International Women's Day 2010, the Campaign made a declaration asserting that all undocumented women be able to access services without fear across the GTA, inviting all anti-violence against women agencies to sign on.

12 Apr 2010:
Shelter|Sanctuary|Status takes a delegation to the Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre demanding an end to immigration enforcement at any site serving undocumented women, children and trans-folk survivors of violence.

29 Oct 2010:
Immigration Enforcement issues a directive instructing officers to neither wait outside nor enter any space that supports undocumented women survivors of violence: