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OCAP, immigration group protest Mayor Ford’s first day

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The National Post
Natalie Alcoba
December 1, 2010

The first day in office for Mayor Rob Ford also marks the first protest against him. And there are more to come, vowed John Clarke, an organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. He had fighting words for the new mayor, and was cheered on by a small crowd gathered at Nathan Phillips Square Wednesday.

“There are few of us here today, there are going to be hundreds there are going to be thousands, people in this city are going to fight back. Ford is not going to get away with his agenda,” said Mr. Clarke.

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and No One Is Illegal, which fights for rights for undocumented people, organized the demonstration to declare “war” on the new mayor and council that they say will hurt the poor and working people.

In a press release, organizers attacked the mayor for campaigning to abolish the fair wage policy, hire more police officers, and “dismantle” parts of the transit system (Mr. Ford said during the campaign that he would phase out streetcars, but has since said that he won’t do it if it costs a lot of money).

“There is a crisis of homelessness, there is a lack of housing, public housing is being eroded, all these things were already under attack under the Miller administration, and that attack is about to become a thousand times worse,” said Mr. Clarke. “We’re going to have to fight them, we’re going to have to mobilize.”

No One Is Illegal called it a “family friendly demonstration” to remind the mayor of “what the people of this city need, expect and demand.”

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