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(Dec 29) Emergency Call/Email Action: Help Stop Daniel's Deportation

Dec/29/2010 - 9:00 am

On Tuesday, Dec. 28, despite tremendous support from friends, teachers, and community members, the Canadian Border Services Agency refused to release Daniel Garcia back to his community, claiming that he was a "flight risk" and that they are preparing for an "imminent deportation".

Daniel is a Grade 11 student at Parkdale Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Whisked away to immigration jail over Christmas, he now faces removal to Mexico. His crime? Fleeing Mexico at the age of 15 after he and his sister endured ongoing violence as a result of her sexual orientation. Daniel has managed to create a life for himself in Canada. He is a committed student, and much loved member of the community. The Canadian Border Services Agency appears intent on deporting him, knowing full well that his immigration case was badly compromised because he has been forced to navigate the system on his own, as a teenager with out legal representation.

We need to act now, and act quickly to ensure freedom and status for Daniel Garcia.

The Friends of Daniel Garcia are asking for your support to call and email Reg Williams (Director of GTA Immigration Enforcement).

On Wednesday, 29 December, between 9am and 7pm

** CALL 905-612-6070 and EMAIL

Insist that:

Daniel Garcia be released from detention and that there be stay on his deportation.

Here is a sample letter that you can adapt and email:

If you know Daniel in any capacity, please explain that in your email and phone call.

Immigration detention centers are jails. Jails that serve no purpose but to sever people from their relationships and their communities. Detentions like deportations must be opposed.

Freedom and Status for Daniel Garcia! Freedom and Status for All!

For background information, extensive media coverage, to sign the petition and to donate, please visit