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Stop the Raids on Migrant Workers! Stop Police Brutality! Don't Ask Don't Tell!

May/22/2008 - 12:00 pm
May/22/2008 - 2:00 pm


Stop the Raids on Migrant Workers! Stop Police Brutality! Don't Ask Don't

Rally at Police Headquarters
40 College Street (between Bay & Yonge)
Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

On May 7, 2008, the Canadian Border Services Agency with assistance from Peel Regional Police raided SDR Distribution, at Dixie Rd. and Highway 401 in Mississauga.

As the police held the workplace hostage, Border Service Agents swarmed the building, checking IDs, harassing workers, and arresting 45 undocumented women and men.

The raids took place the day after the Auditor General's Report claimed that there were 41,000 "missing" undocumented workers that had to be immediately apprehended. Harper's government has escalated its attack on migrant communities using police officers as its enforcement tools.

Migrant communities, women's organizations, youth organizations, trade unions along with No One Is Illegal-Toronto and dozens of community organizations have been fighting for a Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy at the Toronto Police for over 3 years, a policy that would stop police from doing the dirty work of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Almost two years have passed since Toronto Police were forced to pass a "don't ask" policy that Chief Bill Blair has yet to even begin to implement!

People without status have been pulled over by police with no cause, asked for immigration status and detained and deported! Non-status women have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault and end up in detention because police have turned them over to immigration enforcement. There are too many of these stories of police intimidation and brutality.

We say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! End the Police Brutality!

On May 22nd, lets make it clear to the Police, to Immigration and to Harper and his goon squads that police intimidation and racial profiling of immigrant communities MUST end! We demand an end to police intimidation and brutality in our communities and demand the implementation of a full and inclusive Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy among Toronto and Peel police.

The Immigration Legal Committee will also be releasing a report outlining all the failures of Toronto police to "serve and protect" undocumented communities.



On February 15 2006, the Toronto Police Services Board was forced by migrant communities, women's organizations, trade unions, social service workers, youth organizations and others to begin a process of adopting a "don't ask, don't tell" policy that would prevent them from doing the dirty work of immigration enforcement. The partial "don't ask" policy passed by Toronto police has never been implemented by Chief Bill Blair and will have little impact for migrant communities.

Two years have passed and after numerous meetings, deputations and a tacit agreement from the Toronto Police Services Board of the need for a "don't ask, don't tell" policy in their organization, no implementation plan has meant no access for undocumented communities. Meanwhile migrant communities continue to be bullied, brutalized, apprehended and detained by Toronto police -- who continue to work hand in hand with the Canadian Border Service Agency to implement Canada's unjust and exploitive immigration policies!