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Sacred Fire at Queen's Park to Save the South March Highlands

Feb/09/2011 - 9:00 am
Feb/13/2011 - 2:00 pm

WHAT: Sacred Fire for the South March Highlands
WHERE: Queen's Park, Toronto
WHEN: Wednesday (Tomorrow) at 9:00am - Sunday, Feb. 13, Ceremony and Gathering on Sunday, Feb 13 at 10am

On Feb. 1 2011, two Algonquin men, Robert Lovelace and Daniel Bernard, chained themselves to trees in the Beaver Pond Forest (part of the South March Highlands) near Kanata, Ontario, to block a second day of clear-cut logging from destroying a forest considered sacred by Algonquin First Nations.

Despite a constitutional obligation to consult Aboriginal groups affected by development, only some Algonquin communities were consulted, even though Grandfather William Commanda has identified the area as a sacred place for the entire Algonquin Nation. A week before cutting began, Bernard lit a sacred fire at the eastern entrance to the threatened area, creating a focal point for local community members, Algonquin people and environmental activists. Over 150 people attended the day of Prayer for the Land at the fire site on Sunday 30 January 2011.

Now, Daniel Bernard will light a sacred fire in Queen's Park, the seat of the Ontario government, to demand action to save the South March Highlands from development.

Join Daniel and other fire keepers throughout the week to support their struggle to save the Sacred Forest. On Sunday at 10am, there will be a ceremony and gathering for everyone to come out and show their support for the preservation of the Sacred Forest. The fire will be put out at noon.

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***Throughout the week, please bring food, hot drinks, placards, musical instruments, and lawnchairs if you can! ***

-for donations, contact Peter Haresnape: 647-838-8455,

please note that this will be a sacred fire, and so guests are asked to maintain a respectful presence. no alcohol. for more information about sacred fires, please see:

suggested slogans:

* McGuinty: Do your Job!
* Protect the South March Highlands
* Respect the Algonquin First Nations
* Respect Algonquin Heritage
* Stop the Massacre NOW!
* Save the Sacred Forest