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End Violence Against Women! Stop Deportations! Rally to Condemn CBSA Policy

Mar/08/2011 - 1:00 pm

March 8th, International Women’s Day
1pm. Immigration and Refugee Board – 74 Victoria Street

Join us on International Women’s Day to demand immigration enforcement stop stalking non-status women.

On Friday, February 11, Canada Border Services Agency issued a national policy ordering its officers to enter and wait outside anti-violence against women spaces to detain and deport women survivors of violence. Immigration Enforcement has also been given instructions to follow women survivors of violence on their way to and from spaces where they may seek support. We condemn this policy and all actions of the CBSA to detain and deport women fleeing violence.

This policy is a major reversal of the victories won by grassroots organizing and must be opposed. Over the last two years, migrant women and anti-racist organizers with the Shelter | Sanctuary | Status Campaign, through rallies, protests, press conferences, delegations and actions, forced the Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre to pass a policy in October 2010 that it would not enter, or wait outside any space serving survivors of violence to arrest undocumented women. The policy also stated that immigration enforcement would not call these spaces to verify the identity of women in these spaces.

Anti-violence against women spaces were created as a safe and supportive space for all women fleeing violence. We can’t allow CBSA to undermine our work and take these safe spaces away from us. We need to reclaim these spaces as ours. The Shelter | Sanctuary | Status Campaign is calling upon all anti-racist feminists to fight together to ensure that the violence of deportation against women not be allowed to continue. Demand justice for undocumented women survivors of violence. Demand Status for All!

Also please join the rally for a National Child Care System at 3:30 pm at Ryerson.