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Parkdale: NoOneIsIllegal-Toronto fights to Stop the Cuts

Jun/29/2011 - 6:00 pm
Jun/29/2011 - 8:30 pm

Do you live/work in Parkdale? Come to this meeting!
June 29, 6:00-8:30pm
Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre
220 Cowan Avenue (east of Queen & Lansdowne)

Take the People's Poll:

On June 16, two dozen Parkdale community members and service providers met in Masaryk-Cowan Centre to defend public services in the neighborhood. After much discussion, we decided to organize march through Parkdale marking out publicly funded agencies in the city and set up an outreach committee. We will be meeting on June 29 at 6pm, to decide on details of the march and outreach campaign, and determine our actions for the next three months. Do join us! To help us along, please forward this invitation to people you know that live and work in Parkdale.


No One Is Illegal - Toronto is organizing in Parkdale where nearly 50 services are city funded and face possible cuts. Our organizers are on the streets, carrying out the People's Poll, and we will be holding a community meeting on June 16th at 6pm. At this meeting, we'll develop a campaign to defend services in the neighborhood, and a strategy to organize the neighborhood to join the Stop the Cuts movement in the city. To help us along, please forward this invitation to people you know that live and work in Parkdale.

On May 9th, we wrote to you about Rob Ford's plan to cut nearly $800 million in city services at a special city council meeting on September 27-28, 2011. Since then, Harper has put forward a budget that will cut $11 billion in federal public services over three years, and we expect similar cuts at the provincial level ( Cuts to public services, 'Austerity', will have the worst impact on people already shut out of these services: undocumented people, migrant workers, and poor and racialized people. In direct opposition, we reiterate our commitment to fight against cuts at the municipal, provincial and federal level, insisting that public services be extended to all people, and that massive handouts to corporations and the police stop.

In Toronto, Rob Ford and his supporters are trying to create a popular “mandate” for these regressive changes. They have set up "public consultations" that do not actually consult people, and asked people to fill out a manipulative, one-sided survey. At the same time, private consultants are being paid $3 million to plan these cuts.

Grassroots groups and community members across Toronto have come together to develop our own mandate. The Toronto Stop the Cuts Network has been established which is calling upon groups of people to organize in neighborhoods, carry out a people's poll and hold community meetings in the build up to a city wide meeting of Toronto residents in September where a people's vision for the city can be created.

Similar organizing is taking place in Jane-Finch, in Teesdale and Crescent Town and in the Downtown East. To find out about meetings in those areas, please email If there are no such organizations in your neighborhood, but you would like to start one, even if it is for 10 houses on your street, please email to have organizers come work with you. For updates and news about cuts to public services, please visit (you do not need to log-in to facebook to access this page).

Other Anti-Austerity Fights: The most recent wave of attack against public services is the Canada Post Corporation's attack on the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. We need to make sure that the striking Postal Workers are supported. See to learn more about the issues and how you can support.