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No One Is Illegal - Toronto supports Canadian Union of Postal Workers and CAW Local 2002

With the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and Canadian Auto Workers Local 2002 (CAW 2002) forced into necessary and inspiring strike actions against the Canada Post Corporation and Air Canada, we at No One Is Illegal - Toronto add our support to the workers out on picket lines across the country. In defending the rights of workers in a sustained climate of corporate attacks, the Canadian Union of of Postal Workers & CAW Local 2002 are adding a forceful voice to the struggle for respect and dignity for all workers.

These strikes are fights against 'austerity'. They are fights against job cuts and against the transfer of wealth from our communities to cops, border guards, prisons, wars and corporations.

Canada Post wants to cut 7,000 jobs and take away compensation for dangerous work. They want to put in a discriminatory new hires policy which would pay newer workers 30% less, reduce their benefits, weaken their job security and reduce their pension benefits.

Air Canada also wants to create a discriminatory new hires policy under which new hires would fall under a defined-contribution plan rather than the current defined-benefit plan, which provides retirees with a guaranteed payout. Workers are being asked to accept a 20% cut in benefits, a delaying in the unreduced early retirement age to 60 from 55 and reduction of joint and survivor benefits.

The Harper government is introducing back-to-work legislation today (Thursday, June 16) for Air Canada workers and is considering similar legislation against CUPW workers for Monday (June 20) in the hopes of avoiding mass strikes, and generalized revolt that has resulted from austerity measures across Europe, Guadalupe and Martinique, and other places.

Harper's hopes must be shattered. Across Canada, a grassroots-labour movement is emerging to fight the austerity agenda. In Toronto, we are members of the Toronto Stop the Cuts Network, where organizations in neighborhoods across this city are holding public meetings, conducting a People's Poll and planning for mass actions against Ford in September. This neighbourhood organizing will become the cornerstone to building real alternatives in the face of ongoing attacks.

We also remember that the Canadian Union of Postal Workers has fought for maternity benefits, opposed the war in Afghanistan, secret trials in Canada and South African and Israeli apartheid. Now more then ever, we need to support CUPW and a militant labour movement that will collectively fight for justice and dignity for all workers, documented or undocumented, and oppose the military, economic and environmental attacks that displace people in the first place.

We strongly encourage individuals and groups to answer the call from CUPW and CAW Local 2002 for picket line support. No One Is Illegal - Toronto will be on the picket lines side-by-side with members to support the rights of all people to fair collective bargaining, benefits, and justice.

For more info on how you can support, check out:
CAW Local 2002: