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Are Ford’s cuts racist? Yes! And this is why!

Colonialism, imperialism and neoliberal economic policies keep pushing us out and displacing us! The Indigenous people of this land have been displaced by centuries of ongoing colonial policies and practices, pushed away from the regions settlers wanted to occupy and pushed away from the areas mining and logging companies wanted to exploit. Migrants from other lands have also been displaced by colonial and capitalist projects of expansion and exploitation; with many of these projects directed from corporate offices right here in Toronto. And today in our city, migrants and Indigenous people are displaced once again. Along with other communities, impoverished year after year so the rich can get richer, we are displaced in our own city. Displaced from the downtown east-side, displaced from Parkdale, displaced by gentrification and pushed out of libraries, shelters, daycare and food banks facing cuts.

The simple truth is that Ford’s cuts are a bold attack on the poor. And since racialized communities are the most impoverished, these attacks on the poor are also clearly racist attacks! The worst impacts of the coming cuts will be felt by those of us already shut out of public services, those without full immigration status, immigrants, people of color, indigenous, migrant workers, those of us who experience the violence of police and border guards every day. For those of us without papers, with empty stomachs, working for slave wages, with peanuts in our pockets, the fight against austerity has always been ours.

People of colour in Toronto earn 60 cent on the dollar for every white person, are twice as likely to work in temp jobs, and have twice the unemployment rate as white people. According to Colour of Poverty (, between 1980 and 2000 in Toronto, the poverty rate for racialized families rose by 361%. This means that racialized communities “have higher levels of under-housing and homelessness due to poverty and unemployment, cuts to social programs and lack of housing services. Racialized persons also face discriminatory and prohibitive demands from landlords and the majority of newcomers to Toronto live in unsafe, sub-standard housing.” Indigenous people represent 0.5% of the Toronto population but 16% of the homeless population, and 26% of those living outside. Of the growing numbers of families using shelters, 24% are refugees.

Therefore, cutting shelters, day care, food banks and other community services is attacking the racialized poor!
Therefore, imposing fees for municipal services is attacking the racialized poor!


See details of Sep 10 at and the call out from Toronto Stop the Cuts Network at