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Race, Colonialism and the 99% @ OccupyTO

Nov/03/2011 - 8:00 pm

Thursday, November 3, 2011
St. James Park, King and Church
Who is the 99% Tent.

As people of color and Indigenous people around the world and in Canada bear the greatest brunt of the financial crisis and corporate greed and exploitation, this discussion aims to bring together anti-racist activists and Occupy Toronto participants to speak about building and strengthening multiracial alliances in the 99%.

Harsha Walia is a South Asian activist and writer from Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories who has been active in anti racist, femnist, migrant justice, and anti imperialist/anti colonial movements. She has been at several Occupy movements over the past two weeks.
Tannis Nielsen is an Indigenous (Metis) artist / educator, whose academic interests center upon the theories born from the European Enlightenment period, that have served as an "attempted" justification for imperial domination over Indigenous peoples.

This workshop is part of the 'Who is the 99%' series at Occupy Toronto: