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Solidarity with Occupy Toronto

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On Tuesday night, Occupy Toronto was successful in having a judge order that Occupy Toronto can stay until arguments are heard in court on Friday at 11am. The judge will deliver his verdict by Monday, November 21, 2011.

We are calling on all supporters, allies, and friends to resist the forced eviction of Occupy Toronto.

Solidarity Rallies:
Friday 11am-1pm Solidarity with Occupy Toronto Rally at St James Park
All Out on Saturday 2pm-5pm. Evict Ford. Hell No, We Won't Go.
Please keep checking as details may change.

Call the offices of Ford and Councillors:
Ford: 416-397-FORD (3673)

Defend Occupy:
Park defense is ongoing. If you are going to defend the park, go in groups and stick together! Look for the Movement Defence Committee and know your rights. Together we are stronger.


As an organization of migrants, settlers, and allies fighting for migrant justice in Toronto, we recognize that migrants, people of colour and undocumented people are among those facing the worst exploitation in this system created for the 1%. As the Canadian immigration system increasingly functions in service of corporations demanding cheap exploitable labour with little regard for human dignity or community - we recognize the need now more than ever to unite behind a movement like Occupy Toronto - a movement to reclaim public space, to build points of solidarity between diverse communities of indigenous people, people of colour, migrants, workers, queer, trans, disabled, homeless and poor people, and to start building the kind of world we want to see.

This movement is fraught with challenges that we have been facing and overcoming every day for over a month now. Every day we learn to live together. Every day we grow stronger. Every day we prove that we are all we need.

We are starting to scare them.

Tuesday, one day after Bloomberg in New York joined the crackdown on dissent in Oakland, London, Victoria, Halifax, Vancouver and elsewhere, forcibly preventing people from gathering together and creating a future beyond the tyranny of a capitalist colonial empire, Rob Ford is trying to do the same in St. James Park.

We have faced this before. Many of us dealt with police repression during the G20 last year when we brought thousands to the streets to demand a better world. We will face it again.

We are calling on all supporters, allies, and friends to resist the forced eviction of Occupy Toronto.