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Migrants begin hunger strike in Niagara Detention Centre

Dec/12/2011 - 4:11 pm



* EMAIL Regional Director & CALL HIM at 905-994-6000
* CALL Niagara Detention Centre 905-227-6321.
Demand that the hunger strikers be immediately transferred to Toronto and get access to urgent medical care.

Emergency Public Mtg
Thursday, December 16, 6:30pm
OPIRG Info Shop - 21 King St. (St. Catharines, ON)

Sergio Puerto, Sandro Philippe, Jesus Galban, and Ibrahim Ali Farrah refugee claimants from Latin America and the Caribbean and Southern Africa have been jailed at the Niagara Detention Centre for between 3 to 6 months. Other then 10 minutes a day in a concrete yard - they have been locked up without community support.

In mid-November, they began water-only hunger strike demanding that their release be expedited and that they be moved to Toronto where they hope their files will be processed quicker. On November 23, Jesus Galban, fell six feet and was denied medical aid until they ended the hunger strike. Officers from Canada Border Services Agency promised immediate action on their file, but did nothing.

On December 11, 2011, Sergio Puerto, Sandro Philippe, Jesus Galban and Ibrahim Ali Farrah re-initiated a rolling hunger strike.


*****That the inmates be immediately transferred to Toronto where they believe their cases will be quickly expedited and where they all have family and community support.******
*****That Citizenship and Immigration stop delaying justice by keeping all immigration detainees an unreasonably long time in detention for no reason.******
****** Immediate medical assistance for:
Jesus - had an accident on November 23rd. Fell off a six foot bunk that had no ladder. Back severely injured and no doctor has attended despite repeated requests. Only medication given so far has been Tylenol Pain Relief.
Sandro also having problems with his back- slipped and fell (water on floor) in mid November. Has still received no medical attention.******

Canada Border Services Agency has given endless excuses for holding these men. They claim that they are flight risks, even before some of their refugee claims have been processed. Some are facing deportation because of criminal convictions in Canada and the United States even though they have already served their sentences - a clear example of unjust double punishment. Attempts by community members to act as bonds-people and even put up financial sureties have been rejected.

Faced with lack of information, and continued lies by Canada Border Services Agency, Sergio, Sandro, Jesus and Ibrahim have decided to initiate a hunger strike. It is critical that we support them. Please take a minute to write an email or call Richard Comerford, Regional Director General of CBSA and insist that their demands be met.

We will be organizing actions in St. Catharines, Niagara and Toronto. Please email if you would like to attend an organizing meeting or if you would like to be informed about upcoming action. Join our facebook page:

Immigration enforcement injustices are forcing migrants, undocumented people in detention across Canada to act. We have heard of a hunger strike taking place at the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre (BC): Examples are being set by imprisoned undocumented people - it is imperative that we follow and support.

For a world without detentions and deportations, for a world where all can move freely,

Niagara Migrant Hunger Strikers Support Network