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Jan 17: Building a Toronto for all!

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Jan/17/2012 - 9:00 am
Jan/19/2012 - 6:00 pm

On January 17, Toronto City Hall votes on budget 2012. Though mayor Rob Ford has insisted that Toronto has over a $700 million deficit, we now know that the City actually has a $154 million surplus.

Since December 2010, when we began mobilizing against the Ford agenda, No One Is Illegal - Toronto has insisted that we need to fight against the global austerity agenda by creating more services, particularly for people without immigration status who have historically been shut out of Toronto. Those that work and use the services, we insist, must be the ones that decide what happens to them - not millionaire politicians.

On January 17, at 5:30pm, come to City Hall to demand justice for undocumented people and migrant workers in this city. Come to ensure that the workers in this city keep working and providing services to more people, not less.

Our fight against Ford's agenda

Dec 2010, Mayor Ford Respect People:

Feb 2011, No Toronto money for fear and deportation:

Apr 2011, Fight Rob Ford, Stop City Cuts:

May 2011, Stop the Cuts! Status for All!:

Jun 2011, Migrants, Unions & the fight for public services:

Jun 2011, Parkdale - NOII - TO fights to Stop the Cuts:

Aug 2011, Ford's Cuts are Racist:

Sep 2011, Against Ford, Access Without Fear:

Nov 2011, Building homes we can't live in:

As well as our ongoing participation and support for actions by Toronto Stop the Cuts Network and its neighbourhood committees:

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