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Breaking News. Banner Drop. May 1: A good day to call-in sick

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APRIL 24, 2012

Breaking News. Banner Drop. May 1: A good day to call-in sick

Toronto -- As the Austerity budget in Ontario goes to vote, activists from No One Is Illegal - Toronto and Occupy Toronto issued a call for a mass protest and day of action on May Day (May 1), 2012. A 30 feet x 7 feet banner was dropped early Tuesday morning, cheekily telling early morning motorists to call-in sick on May Day, when immigrant and worker rights groups and Occupy movements across North America will be marching together against the attacks of the 1%. Photo attached.

Though capitalism and corporate greed have infected much of Toronto since the late 19th century, its most virulent form, "Austerity" has only recently turned in to a a pan-damn-emic.

"Most Torontonians are sick and could use a day off" explained Lana Goldberg of Occupy Toronto. "People are suffering with Harperitis and have serious headaches from Fordotrophy, which makes it really hard to work and make a living. They should call in sick on May 1st and come to the rally and march. A nice day in the sun will help."

Sunlight is the primary source of Vitamin D for people in North America, which is necessary for healthy living and good for one's skin. Sunlight also increases serotonin, and balances the body’s circadian rhythm.

"Though sunlight is a temporary cure for our current maladies, a good dose of protest could really help people recover," added Yogi Acharya of No One Is Illegal - Toronto, who has been organizing May Day demonstrations in Toronto since 2006. "The Spring season in 2011 saw a surprising break-through in many parts of the world against these illnesses - we are hoping that Spring 2012 will be similar in Toronto."

Activists have assembled a list of common ailments that people can call-in sick to take the day off. These include Harper-flu, Fordotrophy, Capitalism, Borderitis and the most parasitic one, Colonialism. Symptoms include homelessness, unemployment, loss of immigration status, poverty, hunger, feelings of powerlessness, fear, apathy, boredom, cultural decay, loss of identity, deportations, loss of free speech, incarceration, and/or revolutionary thoughts.

It is unclear whether calling-in sick is still legal in Canada. In early April, the Canada Industrial Relations Board deemed that Air Canada pilots calling in sick a few weeks ago were engaging in an illegal strike. Rumours have also surfaced that multiple washroom breaks might soon also be declared illegal.


Multiple actions are being organized for over 36 hours starting at 12pm on May Day, full details of which will be announced at a 11am press scrum outside City Hall by May 1st Movement, No One Is Illegal Toronto, and Occupy Toronto on Thursday, April 26.


For more information,

Yogi Acharya, No One Is Illegal - Toronto
Lana Goldberg, Occupy Toronto

Immigrant and Refugee rights group, No One Is Illegal - Toronto has organized an annual May Day rally and march for immigrant rights in Toronto since the 2006 Great American Boycott where millions of immigrants marched on the streets in the United States on May 1. See

Occupy Toronto exists to bring awareness of fundamental inequalities and injustices endemic to our society, that can only be changed through a total restructuring of society at the core level. Occupy Toronto is responding to calls from around North America for a May Day rally and joining with immigrant rights group to call for *No Work *No School *No Shopping *No Banking *No Housework*. See