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Canada's new immigration paradigm: Detention, Deportation and Abuse

On December 15, the Refugee Exclusion Act (Bill C-31, formally the "Protecting Canada's Immigration System Act") will be fully implemented.

Please watch, and share this video, of past and current immigration detainees and No One Is Illegal - Toronto organizers explaining the impacts of these new laws. Filmed by Liberation Cooperative Organization outside the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre.


Among other things, these laws will mean even more immigrants will end up in in immigration detention.

Did you know that there have been nearly 95,000 immigrants that have spent time in detention in Canada since 2004? and that immigration detention is $50 + million business with private companies managing and operating immigration detention centres?

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As of December 15, 2012, our communities face:

* Mandatory detention: Many refugees deemed "irregular arrivals" or "smuggled", including children over the age of 16, will face mandatory detention upon arrival. Migrants will become one of the largest growing prison populations with Harper's prison expansion plan.

* Denial of access to justice: Many refugees will be barred from accessing the Refugee Appeal Division and all refugees face even more restricted access to justice including a bar on certain legal avenues. All refugees will face onerously short time lines to file their claims.

* Denial of permanent residency: Even if actually accepted as refugees under this stringent refugee system, many refugees will still be denied access to permanent residency for a minimum of five years. While pathways to permanent residency for refugees, family members, and skilled workers are shrinking, the number of temporary migrant workers is increasing.

* Discriminatory two-tier system: Minister of Censorship and Deportation Jason Kenney can arbitrarily and unilaterally deem certain countries as “designated country of origin” i.e so-called safe countries that Canada will quickly deport refugees to. These refugees will also be denied basic and including emergency healthcare while in Canada.

Find out what else is wrong with Canada's immigration system

As Canada moves towards more and more restrictive immigration, even more people will have to make the difficult decision to continue living in the country without immigration status.

It is imperative that we support them. This means making schools, healthcare, housing, food, dignified work and other life essentials available and accessible to all people regardless of immigration status. It means supporting families fighting against deportation, and insisting on an end to immigration detentions. It means each of us taking responsibility for the communities we live in.

This is a struggle that must be taken by everyone right where they are. Each of us has some power to create real meaningful change in the lives of people in our communities. Let us act, together, strategically, with spirit and resilience.

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